Brand New and Vintage VW Campers

Explore hidden Portugal in a
fully equipped campervan.

Our campers come equipped with everything
you need to have an amazing holiday.
Rent The legendary
VW Campervan.
We've spent hundreds of hours restoring
these original VW campers.
Driving them takes you back to a time
when life was all a bit simpler.
We offer you an unforgettable holiday experience.
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Great stories start in a VW camper..

Why Hire A VW Camper?

The VW Camper is a defining symbol of carefree rolling freedom, the wheels for hauling surfers, musicians, artists, students and family adventurers from 1950 into the  present day. Inside the humble compact VW motorhome it is surprisingly liveable, enveloping you and your family in a welcoming cocoon.

Driving a VW campervan is always an adventure, it’s so laid-back you are compelled to unwind. In a VW camper you become a member of a community with members dating back over 67 years. People wave and smile, they flash their lights and come to take photographs. When you are parked and you see some smiling person heading over to talk to you, you can be sure they are keen to spin a yarn about  their epic VW adventure, be it about the time they drove through morocco, got engaged to their beloved or hitched a lift to Woodstock… everyone who has journeyed in VW camper has a great story to tell. Get on the bus and start your story ……..

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We're In Lisbon, Porto and Faro

Collect your new Campervan from a choice of locations around Portugal.

Camper mieten in Portugal: Die Vorteile von Siesta Campers

Classic VW Camper Rental Portugal - Hire Volkswagen Campervan Motorhomes


Our new rental campers are covered by Volkswagen’s 24H Europe assist. All of our new campers are under 3 years old and are serviced at VW. We also run our own state-of-the-art, fully-equipped workshop where we have 3 full-time mechanics to fix any problems. We’ve been working on vintage VW’s for over 15 years so there’s little we don’t know!

Classic VW Camper Rental Portugal - Hire Volkswagen Campervan Motorhomes


Our campers come with everything you need to have a great campervan holiday experience. We include freshly laundered duvets, sheets and pillows, as well as a table and chairs, information folder, maps and a unique diary filled with tips and stories from fellow VW adventurers..

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We offer free airport or train station collection within office hours (09:00-18:00) 7 days a week. We’ll meet you with the camper ready to go, so there’s no need to waste time in our office. Once you’ve been introduced to your camper and been told about some of the amazing spots to visit in Portugal from our staff member, you’ll be ready to embark on your adventure to remember

Classic VW Camper Rental Portugal - Hire Volkswagen Campervan Motorhomes


All of our campers come with a quality 12v compressor fridge. New campers have a 50L capacity and classic campers can hold 20L. They run off an auxiliary leisure battery so you’ll never have any problems starting with your main battery.


Siesta Campers have been building camper vans and motorhomes for over 10 years. We don’t just cobble together vans using whatever’s around. We source the best quality, sustainable materials from all over Europe and our wood interior’s are sourced from organically cultivated forests where tree depletion is avoided and is especially made for motorhomes.

Classic VW Camper Rental Portugal - Hire Volkswagen Campervan Motorhomes


Claire and Loyd have travelled from India to Africa in camper vans so you could say we’ve become camping experts. We’re also great at giving advice, whether that be what size suitcase to bring or which are the best secret spots to sleep in. Our family-friendly advice is what makes us stand out  in today’s faceless corporate age.

We offer you a unique adventure of a lifetime

We’re a family business. We know how much fun you can have in a camper in Portugal. We want you to experience that too.



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