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Begin your campervan holiday in Lisbon

Undoubtedly one of the most alluring capitals in Europe, the City of Light, as Lisbon is known, overwhelms with its charm, bustle and beauty. Those wondering what to do in Lisbon are often spoiled with choice, and yet, just a short drive away, there are so many more wonders waiting to be discovered. Our Campervan hire Lisbon location is just minutes away from LIS airport to ensure a smooth arrival...

The city of hills

There’s a reason everyone is talking about Lisbon. Some highlight its location, sprawling over seven hills and down to the shores of the mighty Tagus and the Atlantic beyond. Some boast about its historical credentials, as a former powerhouse of Europe and birthplace to the 'Age of Discoveries' and gateway to the New World. Others prefer its cultural and artistic charm, where castles rub shoulders with futuristic architectural icons and museums overlap with theatres and concert venues. If you're still wondering what to do in Lisbon, check out the robust food scene, its kindhearted people, colourful shops, endless bridges, vibrant markets, lush parks, and of course, Fado.

Shaped by its river

Whatever the reason, Lisbon can’t help but win you over. Whether you're riding aboard the iconic yellow tram surprised by sudden glimpses of the Tagus; on a scooter, zigzagging along the broad walkways of the riverfront; or bobbing above the modernity of Parque da Nações in a cable car, Lisbon is a treat for the senses. Some of these treasures are best explored on foot. For the others, including the many found further afield such as Sintra and the numerous beaches, let's just say you'll be very glad you parked your campervan nearby.

You can’t miss


When you're ready to take your road trip further afield, hop in your campervan and drive just west of the centre. Belém indulges with its UNESCO status buildings and monuments and its modern museums. It’s also home to the Pastel de Belém, probably the finest example of the local custard tart. These are pretty filling, so if you feel a sudden urge to take a nap, the bed inside your campervan folds down easily. We're big fans of a good midday nap.

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Lx Factory

Former factory buildings transformed into quirky shops, restaurants, cafés, bars – this is city regeneration at its coolest. Motorhome hire Lisbon offers a chance to visit the open-air market which fill the streets with stalls selling local colour. You should not miss a chance to check this place out, but be prepared, it's popular and does get busy. It's probably best you park your motorhome a few streets away from the entrance for a smooth exit when you're ready to hit the road.

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Mercado da Ribeira

Market turned into a multi-restaurant food court, where kiosks offer gourmet, vegan, shellfish… you name it! Great way to experience Lisbon’s famed food scene, condensed into a few hundred square metres. This local gem is a great alternative to the very popular Time Out Market Lisbon. Whether you choose to visit one, or both, you'll be pleased to discover that the charm of Lisbon extends beyond the usual city centre. Motorhome hire Lisbon is ideal for exploring the outskirts of the city and beyond.

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Rent a campervan, motorhome or RV in Lisbon

There’s a reason we’re Lisbon’s top rated campervan rental company. Our clients love our campers and our unmatched customer service. All our vans include everything needed for an unforgettable camping excursion. Use the slider below to find your perfect campervan, motorhome or RV for rent in Lisbon.

The perfect Lisbon road trip awaits!

Discover our campervans and motorhomes in Lisbon.

Campervan hire Lisbon

Slow down, go wild and be loved

Our promise to you is the perfect campervan or motorhome to explore Lisbon and beyond. We pour passion and creativity into restoring and building handcrafted vans that give a respectful nod to the iconic VW Kombi. We build for adventures and the open road. We want everyone to experience the true essence of Lisbon. To be free in the wild embracing nature and experience the thrill of outdoor adventure while being fully supported by first-class customer service, taking away long-lasting memories from the Lisbon holiday of a lifetime.

Lisbon is well suited for campervan hire and year-round camping due to a pleasant climate and an average of more than 300+ sunny days per year.

During the summer months of July and August, expect temperatures of around 28°C to 36°C. When it's this hot you’ll want to be near the coastline where you will find cooler breezes and fresher nights.

We at Siesta prefer off-season Lisbon campervan hire from October to June to fully enjoy uncrowded beaches, campsites and restaurants. The weather is pleasant while less traffic and open parking spaces right by the beach are a great bonus too.

During the slower months of December through March, you’ll remain comfortable as all of our Atlantic campervans and motorhomes are temperature insulated and come with auxiliary night heaters.

Rent a campervan in Lisbon from €50 per night during the low season to €175 per night during the summertime. The price of Lisbon motorhome rental is a bit higher ranging between €90 to €225. Factors which affect the price of campervan or motorhome rental in Lisbon include vehicle type, seasonality, rental duration, extras, upgrades and insurance cost.

Take a look at the date selector on our homepage. Enter your preferred dates and select the campervan or motorhome you want to rent to receive a campervan rental quote.

A pitch for two people and a campervan or motorhome near Lisbon with electrical hook-up costs from €15 to €25 per night. We’ve negotiated discounts of up to 10% with many of the best campsites near Lisbon. Be sure to read our Lisbon campsites guide and just mention that you are in a Siesta van when booking a campsite to receive a discount.

Our Lisbon campervan hire location features our modern campervans and motorhomes. The vans vary in size, amenities, and style. Some are better suited for solo travellers and couples while others are ideal for groups and families.

Consider whether you will feel comfortable driving a larger motorhome around Lisbon, or prefer the agility and compact size of a campervan.

Ultimately, the choice is quite a personal one. If you’re unsure whether Lisbon campervan rental is the right choice, contact our team.

Lisbon is situated in the middle of the country so your itinerary will play a big role in determining the ideal rental length. Do you want to rent a campervan in Lisbon and stay near the city, or do you plan on discovering other parts of the country too? Generally most of our customers choose a 1-2 week Lisbon campervan hire. For those opting for Lisbon motorhome hire, 2-4 weeks may be more appropriate.

  • Book early. Our campervans and motorhomes are very popular and so is Lisbon! During peak season we’re often fully booked 2 months in advance.
  • Be flexible. If your preferred camper or motorhome is not available in Lisbon, our team can often find a great alternative. Get in touch via the website chat widget.
  • Be informed. Our van descriptions, FAQ’s, terms & conditions and blog articles are a great source of information for anything related to Lisbon campervan hire.
  • Travel light. Ditch the big suitcase. Our campervans and motorhome are fully equipped with everything you need to make the most of your Lisbon road trip.

Less is more! See our helpful article:36 Camping Essential - Our Campervan Packing List. Learn what we include in each Lisbon motorhome rental so you can travel lighter.

  • Surf! - Plenty of great waves near Lisbon. Check out our Lisbon surf guide.
  • Swim - Water temperatures around Lisbon are quite pleasant most of the year.
  • Sunbathe - Lisbon is the land of sunshine, make the most of it.
  • Hike - Discover the Rota Vicentina and other incredible trails.
  • Mountain bike - The outskirts of Lisbon are mountain bike heaven. We offer optional bike racks and mountain bikes for rent.
  • Yoga & Meditation - Lazy days and quiet places are perfect for relaxation.
  • Cook - Our campervans are fully equipped with all you need to try new recipes.
  • Make new friends - Lisbon locals are kind and welcoming. Campsites are also a great place to meet like minded people.
  • Play games - Extra time and no responsibilities means you can connect with your inner child.
  • Stargaze - The night gets darker and the stars shine brighter when you leave Lisbon city lights in the rear view mirror.

Speaking the local language will always improve the experience of visiting a foreign country, but in this situation it is not essential. Tourist facing businesses such as shops, bars and services including Lisbon RV rental generally employ multilingual staff. Our website exists in Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish and we have a multilingual team. If you need any assistance with campervan, motorhome or RV rental, please let us know.

Lisbon is a very popular international holiday destination for RV and motorhome holidays. English is widely spoken around the bigger cities and by the youth. Spanish, French and German are quite well established also.

Road conditions around Lisbon are generally good, but if you choose motorhome or RV rental in Portugal, be careful when driving through narrow Lisbon streets. Certain areas are inaccessible for wider vehicles. Rainy days are rare during the summer months, but when they arrive and water combines with a dusty layer on the surface, road conditions can become quite slippery. Here’s the breakdown of speed limits around Lisbon:

  • 50km/h in residential areas
  • 90km/h in rural areas
  • 120km/h on national motorways

Lisbon is a safe and peaceful city. In the 15 years of running Siesta Campers we have had hardly any break-ins and we’ve had thousands of clients. We always recommend leaving your valuables out of sight especially when parked in Lisbon, or towns and beaches.


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