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Whether you crave the tranquility of coastal escapes, the thrill of outdoor pursuits in the rugged interior, or a fusion of urban charisma and natural wonders, campervan hire in Spain promises an unforgettable adventure. Embark on a remarkable journey in one of our stunning campervans or motorhomes and discover the array of experiences waiting to be explored, from the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean to the highest peaks on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Our promise is the perfect motorhome or campervan for exploring Spain and beyond. Our campervans comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults and are fully equipped with fridge, gas stove, sink with tap, basic insurance and unlimited kilometers. A kitchen kit and camping kit are also included. The best vans, world-class customer service, transparent prices and no hidden fees!

Why hire a camper in Spain?

Campervan rental in Spain offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility for your journey. With a campervan or motorhome, you can explore Spain's diverse landscapes at your own pace, wake up to breathtaking views and embark on spontaneous detours. Exploring Spain by campervan enables you to immerse yourself in nature, create unique memories, and experience vibrant culture up close. Whether you're seeking coastal paradises, charming towns, or mountain retreats, renting a campervan opens the door to a personalized and unforgettable adventure.

Best time to visit

There's not a bad time for a campervan holiday in Spain! Spring (March to May) brings mild weather and blooming landscapes, ideal for outdoor activities. Summer (June to August) is perfect for beach enthusiasts, offering warm temperatures and water-based fun, despite increased crowds. Fall (September to November) boasts pleasant weather, cultural exploration, and festivals, with changing foliage in select regions. Finally, winter (December to February) offers a quieter period, great for city exploration, cultural immersion, and even skiing in mountainous areas. If you're planning on camping at higher altitudes, our thermally insulated campers with auxiiliary heating will keep you nice and toasty.

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The essentials

Kick off your campervan adventure by exploring our recommendations for the best campsites ideal for campervans and motorhomes, most beautiful beaches and unmissable things to do during your campervan holiday in Spain.

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Road trip itineraries

Discover the hidden treasures of Spain that promise breathtaking vistas and thrilling experiences. Traverse the stunning Costa del Sol and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, venture into the Pyrenees, where majestic mountains meet quaint villages or set off on the iconic lap around the Iberia Peninsula.

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Outdoor activities

Spain's diverse landscapes provide an endless playground for sport and outdoor enthusiasts. Visit our blog to check out our top recommendations for the hiking, surfing and kitesurfing in Spain, and more!

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Spain awaits!

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Got questions?

Have a look at this helpful resource, our blog and FAQ page for all your questions about campervan hire Spain.

All our campervans and motorhomes can be booked online in minutes. Pro tip: if you have any questions or can't find what you're looking for contact our team directly and we'll do our best to find your perfect van and answer any questions you may have.

Please check each van description for a complete list of equipment. In general, our campers sleep up to 4 adults comfortably and come fully-equipped with a fridge, a cooker (with gas to cook), a sink with running water, a cleaning kit and more. We provide freshly laundered bedding for a small extra fee and other additional extras too!

Campervan hire in Spain costs can vary depending on the type of campervan, the rental period, and seasonality. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from €60 to €230 per day.

If you're planning on going off the beaten path our guide on Wild Camping in Spain is a must-read! Alternatively, there are numerous campsites, parking areas, and other designated spots where you can park your campervan legally.

In general, if you have a regular driver's license, you should be able to secure campervan rental in Spain without any issues. In some cases you may need to optain an International Driving Permit (IDP) prior to arrival.

We welcome adventurers of all ages! As long as you have a valid driver's license and meet our rental requirements, you're ready to hit the road and create lasting memories. Check our terms & conditions for more info.

Basic insurance coverage is included with each campervan rental. Standard and Complete insurance uprades are also available. Have a look at our insurance packages for more information.

Please contact us directly if you're interested in 1-way campervan hire in Spain and abroad.

Yes. You will need to select the outside of the Spain insurance upgrade in the final step of the booking process.

We support all our clients with world-class customer service. If you experience issues before, during or after your trip, contact us immedietly and we'll do our best to sort it out!

Most campsites and RV parks in Spain have designated areas for disposing of waste from your campervan, such as gray water (from sinks and showers) and black water (from toilets). It's important to follow the campsite's rules and guidelines for waste disposal and to avoid dumping waste in unauthorized areas.

Yes! At Siesta Campers, your 4-legged companions are allowed. You can select this add-on in the last step of the booking process. Deep cleaning fee applies.

Absolutely. Spain offers a range of well-maintained campsites with excellent facilities. Additionally, our team provides you with safety tips and recommendations to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.


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