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More than sun, sea and golf, the Algarve is a vibrant playground of scenic, cultural and gastronomic delights. Beyond the stunning coastline you’ll find historic villages, rugged mountains and lush valleys. If you want to go straight to vacation mode with no detours, campervan hire Faro is the best choice.

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Located in the heart of the Algarve and just minutes from Faro airport (FAO), Siesta Campers Faro spoils customers with a wide range of campervan rental options including classic campers, modern transporters and elegant motorhomes & RV's. Each van comes fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy a stress free beach holiday.

The Algarve coast

There is no better place to begin exploring the Algarve than the region’s capital Faro. If you're wondering what to do in the Algarve, don't worry, there is plenty to do. You may want to cruise to the nearby seafood paradise of Olhão. This launch pad to stunning off-shore islands, spreads eastward all the way to Tavira, one of the Algarve’s most picturesque towns. To the west, the coast develops into a wonderland of cliffs, caves and coves, the source of many postcard shots. Cruise further west in your campervan, and the coastline turns northwards, at the surfing hotspot of Sagres, becoming wilder and all the more dramatic.

Lost in the hills

Inland, the rolling hills facing the coast give way to fertile valleys and to the endless Serra mountains beyond. The Serra de Monchique, in the west, and the Serra de Caldeirão in the East produce some of the Algarve’s most memorable scenery and traditional villages abound. Still wondering what to do in Algarve? Campervan hire Faro is the ideal access point to endless opportunities to find out what’s behind the next bend in a rural paradise full of surprises. The higher elevation of the inland areas makes it easy to catch that perfect Algarve sunset. The key is to take it slow and enjoy the ride.

You can’t miss


Dare you travel the world’s first cross-border zip line? While you'll have to get out of the comfort zone, you'll have a unique chance to Zoom from Sanlúcar in Spain to Alcoutim in the Algarve, in a matter of seconds, high above the River Guadiana. Motorhome hire Faro is a great base to enjoy adrenaline pumping Algarve activities.

We recommend

Award-winning olive oil

Enjoy a tour and tasting session at one of the world’s leading artisan olive oil farms, Monterosa in the charming village of Moncarapacho, and discover why its oils win gold medals year after year. And the best part, whatever you decide to purchase, you can immediately put the fully equipped motorhome kitchen to good use. When your belly is full, you will probably feel pretty good about your decision to start your Algarve trip with motorhome hire Faro.

We recommend

Float down the river

Upgrade your Algarve itinerary and hitch a lift up or down the coolest lazy river ever! Float upstream (tide going in) or downstream (tide going out) around the curves of the Ribeira de Aljezur at Amoreira beach, in Aljezur, or equally the Ribeira de Seixe, at Odeceixe beach, Odeceixe. No need to strap big paddle boards to the roof of your campervan either, the local scene is prepared to accommodate your group no matter how many friends you packed in the van.

The Algarve awaits!

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Slow down, go wild and be loved

Our promise to you is the perfect Faro campervan rental experience. We pour passion and creativity into restoring and building handcrafted vans that give a respectful nod to the iconic VW Kombi. We build for adventures and the open road. We want everyone to experience the true essence of the Algarve. To be free in the wild embracing nature and experience the thrill of outdoor adventure while being fully supported by first-class customer service, taking away long-lasting memories from the Algarve holiday of a lifetime.

The Algarve is well suited for year-round camping and campervan hire due to a pleasant climate and an average of 300+ sunny days each year.

During the summer months of July and August, expect temperatures of around 29°C to 37°C. When it's this hot you’ll want to be near the coastline where you will find cooler breezes and fresher nights.

We prefer off-season campervan hire in Faro from October to June to fully enjoy uncrowded beaches, campsites and restaurants. The weather is mild while less traffic and open parking spaces right by the beach are a great bonus.

During the cooler months of December through March, you’ll camp in comfort as all of our Atlantic campervans and motorhomes are well insulated and come with auxiliary night heaters. Most of the South of Portugal rarely sees frost, making it Europe’s ideal winter vacation.

The price of Faro campervan hire ranges between €50 per night during the low season to €175 per night during the summertime. The price of motorhome hire is a bit higher ranging between €90 to €225. Factors which affect the price of campervan or motorhome rental in Faro include vehicle type, seasonality, rental duration, extras, upgrades and insurance cost.

Take a look at the date selector on our homepage. Enter your preferred dates and select the campervan or motorhome you want to rent to receive a campervan rental quote.

Below, we break down some additional costs to give you a more accurate estimate of the total cost of a campervan holiday in Algarve.

According to our internal data, the average distance travelled per trip in our campervan rentals in June 2022 was 809 km. This distance could easily be a trip from the Algarve to Lisbon, with return to Lisbon. This trip would consume approximately 1 full tank of fuel, costing €120 to fill up (this estimate was made on July 8, 2022). Take a look at this calculator that provides fuel prices, in real time, based on the kms you will travel.

It is impossible to deny that recently fuel has had a significant increase. Fortunately, our campervans are Euro 6 vans, one of the most economical ranges on the market today, their diesel consumption is approximately 7L per 100 km.

A pitch for two people and a campervan or motorhome with electrical hook-up costs from €15 to €25 per night. We’ve negotiated discounts of up to 10% with many of the best campsites around Faro. Be sure to read our blog post on Best campsites around Faro and just mention that you are in a Siesta van when booking a campsite to receive a discount.

Who doesn't like to eat!? Whether you like to stay at home or eat out, renting a campervan can provide benefits you might not expect, plus save you a lot!

Unlike most hotels, all of our campervans are fully equipped with everything you need to cook delicious meals wherever you are. This allows for greater flexibility and also gives you excellent value for money compared to traditional options.

There is nothing better than exploring Portugal by campervan and having the pleasure of enjoying a meal in an unforgettable place, while watching the stars. Can you imagine waking up to the sound of the waves and the feeling of the desert beaches of the west coast while enjoying a nice warm coffee and having local quality products? Buying local will certainly be more cost-effective than dining out.

If you prefer to try a local restaurant, you can expect to pay around €1-€2 for a coffee on the beach. A typical Portuguese lunch in the villages usually costs around €10-€15 per person, including wine!

Restaurants by the sea can be more expensive. Fresh fish caught the same day, for example in Arrifana, would cost €10-€20, not including drinks and desserts.

Our Faro campervan hire location features our largest selection of inventory. Our cmapervans and motorhomes vary in size, amenities, and style. Some are better suited for solo travellers and couples while others are ideal for families and groups.

Consider whether you will feel comfortable driving a larger motorhome around the Algarve, or prefer the agility and compact size of a campervan. Certain models come with a manual transmission while others are automatic. Unlike our modern campervans or motorhomes, driving our vintage VW campers requires a bit more finesse. Check out the article to learn what it’s like to drive them.

Ultimately, the choice is quite personal. If you’re unsure whether you should hire a campervan or motorhome in Faro, contact our team and we’ll help you make the right choice.

The majority of our customers who travel around the Algarve rent a campervan in Faro for 1-2 weeks. Customers who embark on a tour of the whole country often hire a motorhome in Faro for 2-4 weeks.

We do have rental length minimums which vary by van and season and we offer long term rental discounts for bookings of 14 days or more. See the campervan hire deals.

  • Book early. Our campervans and motorhomes are very popular as is the Algarve. During peak season we’re often fully booked 2-3 months in advance.
  • Be flexible. If your preferred camper or motorhome is not available in Faro, our team can often find a great alternative. Get in touch via the website chat widget.
  • Be informed. Our van descriptions, FAQ’s, terms & conditions and blog articles are a great source of information for anything related to campervan hire in Faro.
  • Travel light. No one likes lugging around too much luggage. Our campervans and motorhome are fully equipped with everything you need for an epic Algarve holiday.

Close to none! The process is very quick, intuitive and can be done online. All you have to do is enter the dates you want to travel, the pick-up and drop-off location, find the perfect model, fill out the booking form and make the payment. Afterwards, you will receive an instant confirmation of your reservation.

Less is more! See our helpful article:36 Camping Essential - Our Campervan Packing List. Learn what we put in all our campervans and motorhomes in Faro so you can travel lighter.

  • Surf! - Algarve is a great place to learn. Check out our Surf guide for beginners.
  • Swim - Water temperatures are quite pleasant most of the year.
  • Sunbathe - Algarve is the land of sunshine, make the most of it.
  • Hike - Step one foot in Faro and you'll realize you're in a hiker's paradise.
  • Mountain bike - Algarve is mountain bike heaven. We offer optional bike racks and mountain bikes for rent.
  • Yoga & Meditation - Lazy days and quiet places are perfect for relaxation.
  • Cook - Our campervans are fully equipped with all you need to try new recipes.
  • Make new friends - Algarve locals are kind and welcoming. Campsites are also a great place to meet like minded people.
  • Play games - Extra time and no responsibilities means you can connect with your inner child.
  • Stargaze - The night gets darker and the stars shine brighter when you leave Faro in the rear view mirror.

Speaking the local language will always improve the experience of visiting a foreign country, but in this situation it is not essential. Tourist facing businesses around Faro such as shops, bars and services including RV rental in Faro generally employ multilingual staff. Our website exists in Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish and we have a multilingual team. If you need any assistance with campervan, motorhome or RV rental, please let us know.

The Algarve is a very popular international holiday destination for RV and motorhome holidays. English is widely spoken around the bigger cities like Faro. Spanish, French and German are quite well established also.

Road conditions in Algarve are generally good, but even so, if you choose motorhome or RV rental in Faro, be careful when driving through narrow historic village streets. Certain areas are inaccessible for wider vehicles. Rainy days are rare during the summer months, but when they arrive and water combines with a dusty layer on the surface, road conditions can become quite slippery. Here’s the breakdown of speed limits around Faro:

  • 50km/h in residential areas
  • 90km/h in rural areas
  • 120km/h on national motorways

The Algarve is an extremely safe and peaceful region. In the 15 years of running Siesta Campers we have had hardly any break-ins and we’ve had thousands of clients. We always recommend leaving your valuables out of sight especially when parked in towns or beaches closer to bigger cities like Faro.


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