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Our insurance types

Packing and getting ready can be tricky, luckily we know routes and road trips like nobody else. Need advice on which campervan to rent? What secret beaches to visit? There's no question too big or small we can't answer.


Unlimited KMs
3rd Party Cover
Passenger Cover
Zero Excess Tire Damage
Additional Driver
24hr Breakdown Assist
Legal Notes

STANDARD Cover includes 3rd Party cover. This gives you cover for other peoples property if you should crash into them. It does not include damage done to your rented vehicle whilst in public car parks, or public spaces. Neither damage caused by vandalism or break-ins. Tyre and glass damage is not included and you will be charged for replacement tyres if needed. Glass damage to any of the windows will be charged with replacement and installation fee. No interior damage, roof damage or negligence is covered by any of our waiver packages.

DELUXE Cover includes damage to other vehicles and your vehicle up to a maximum liability of €750. It also features a passenger cover in case of an accident, the medical fees of the passenger can be claimed up to €10,000. Personal artefacts and contents of the van are not covered by any of our packages.

PREMIUM Cover includes 3rd party damage and covers your personal liability up to a maximum of €450. It includes damage to tyres and glass replacement but doesn’t cover tyre damage due to the vehicle being used on an unpaved or non-tarmac road. It does not cover tyres that are damaged due to being driven whilst flat i,e. the sidewall of the tyre is damaged through driving whilst flat. The glass is not covered if the vehicle is broken into or vandalised. Interior damage, eg stains on seats, ripped seats, chipped cupboards roof damage, canvas damage awning damage are not covered by any of our waiver packages.

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Our extras

Resign yourself to the true spirit of an adventure in the wild - pack lightly and instead take what you need, our extras have your basics have you covered!

Child Seat
€20 per reservation
Chemical Toilet
€50 per reservation
Mountain bike
€10 per day
Bike Rack VW
€40 per reservation
€20 per reservation
Solar Shower
€20 per reservation
GPS Navigation System
€30 per reservation
Towel Set
€20 per reservation
Baby Bunk Bed
€20 per reservation
Wifi Router
€30 per reservation
€20 per reservation
€10 per day
Extra 2 Chairs
€20 per reservation
Electric Heater
€20 per reservation
2 People Pop Up Tent
€20 per reservation
Sun Umbrella
€10 per reservation
€5 per day
Baby High Chair
€20 per reservation
Paddle Board
€15 per day
Dog Valet
€50 per reservation
Foldable Portable Solar Panel (100w)
€7.14 per day


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