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Terms and Conditions

1. Definition of Terms and Conditions

‘I,’ ’me’ and ‘my’ jointly refer to the person or persons who are the customers. This ‘Agreement’ means the Rental Agreement, the Protection Plan Agreement and these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions take prevalence over any other Siesta Campers literature. “Siesta Campers” is the trading name of Loyd Rozzo Unipessoal Lda. with headquarters at Rua Serpa Pinto 75, São Bras De Alportel, 8150-164 Algarve, Portugal , with the VAT number PT509905943 and Alvara number 400234.

‘Customer’ means the person or persons nominated as the hirer on the Rental Agreement. ‘Living Equipment' includes, but is not limited to: crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, pillows, sheets, duvet, solar shower, and deck chairs. ‘Additional Hire Items’ includes, but is not limited to: surfboards, barbecue, mountain bikes, locks and bike racks. ‘Rental Period’ means the time that the camper is in the hirers’ possession and control.

'Camper' or ‘Vehicle’ refers to the vehicle described on the Rental Agreement and includes; tyres, tools, accessories, living equipment and any other replacement or substitute vehicle, which may be provided at the discretion of Siesta Campers.

‘Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)' means the additional payment made to Siesta Campers in order to reduce the potential cost arising from collision from €2000 with 'Basic' cover, to €450 with 'Standard' cover and €0 with 'Complete' cover.


2. Booking

● I must have a full driving license and be able to drive a vehicle of up to 3.500kg Category B.

● I agree to have held a full driving license for at least one year.

● I accept that if I am under 25 or over 70 years old, I must pay an additional €10 euros per day.

● I agree to only book a manual vehicle if I have taken a driving test in a manual vehicle.

● I agree to inform Siesta Campers during the booking process if I am not able to drive a manual vehicle and need an automatic vehicle.

● I agree to pay Siesta Campers 50% at the time of booking to secure the reservation. This must be paid within 48 hours of the pending reservation.

● I agree to make payments via credit card using the secure online payment gateway or by calling the reservations department to place the order over the phone.

● I understand that the outstanding balance is to be paid on arrival.

● I will pay an additional fee of €10 per day to add another named driver, and will provide copies of their driver’s license and passport.

● I understand I must give at least 1 week notice before arrival to cancel extras free of charge.

● I understand that I have 48 hours following making the booking to amend it (free of charge). After this period, a 50€ dates change fee will incur. This is always subject to availability. Any change of model will depend on availability (the daily rate will be updated accordingly).

3. Security Deposit

● I agree to pay the relevant deposit by credit card on the date of arrival. This person must be named on the booking contract. The security deposit is reduced in relation to the amount of CDW taken:

  • €200 for the Complete CDW
  • €450 for the Standard CDW
  • €2000 for the Basic CDW

● I understand that without this security deposit the rental will be cancelled, without a refund. Should this occur, Siesta Campers will not be responsible for providing alternative vehicles, accommodation, or any other costs.

● I understand that the deposit will be returned to me at the end of my hire period after:

  • Inspection of the vehicle finds it in the same condition as it was when I collected it;
  • The interior and exterior are clean, and the toilet and waste tanks emptied;
  • All possible outstanding tolls and fines have been collected (this can take several days);
  • All possible damages have been assessed. 

● I accept that any costs incurred by Siesta Campers due to the rental of the van, will be debited from my security deposit or taken from my credit card.

● I agree to reimburse Siesta Campers in full any sums due, should my security deposit not be sufficient to cover the costs of any damage or other costs set out in these Terms and Conditions.


4. Cancellations

We offer a flexible cancellation policy so you can book with peace of mind during these uncertain times. If you are unable or unwilling to embark on your adventure with Siesta Campers for any reason, you may rebook once to a future date up to 1 year after the cancellation date. The value of your current booking will be credited once for use on your new trip, subject to availability. If you don’t know your new travel dates yet, you will be issued a one time use credit for your original booking. When you’ve got your new dates, contact us and we’ll take care of the details. If you wish to cancel without rebooking, cancellation fees apply:

● If you cancel more than 60 days prior to the scheduled pick up time you will receive a 100% refund.

● If you cancel within 60 days to 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time: 50% of the booking deposit will be deducted (cancellation fee) or you can choose a flexible travel voucher corresponding to 100% of the total amount already paid (valid until 1 year after the cancellation date).

● If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time: 100% of the rental price will be deducted and retained (no show fee).

● Siesta Campers will not refund any altered dates 1 month before my arrival.


5. The Collection of Vehicle

● I warrant that I have no physical disabilities, which would impair my driving, and that I am not on any serious medication or under instruction not to drive by a doctor or physician. 

● By collecting the van I acknowledge having received the vehicle in a clean condition and sound working order.

● I acknowledge that during the handover, together with a Siesta representative I will check the van for damages and that I’m responsible to check the van before I accept it. Once the van is handed over, I’m liable for any damages not highlighted by Siesta Campers.

● I acknowledge the level of fuel and water on departure.


6. The Return of Vehicle

● I will return the vehicle in a clean condition, with sand and dust swept out and the surfaces and sink wiped clean. The exterior will also be washed.

● I will be liable for a €100 cleaning fee if the vehicle is returned uncleaned inside or outside. A €130 cleaning fee applies to the Grand California and Pacific models.

● I agree that the fuel tank must be returned full, on the return date and time agreed upon in the Rental Agreement.

● I agree that if the vehicle is returned without a full tank I will pay the cost of refueling and an additional service cost of €15.

● I will return any additional hire items in a clean condition on the return date. This includes, but is not limited to, barbecues, tables chairs, chemical toilets, mountain bikes and bike racks.

● I agree to pay the cost for new items due to any damages or losses to the original hire items incurred during my rental period.

● I agree to return the van with the chemical toilet emptied and cleaned. I will pay Siesta Campers €80 if I do not return the toilet cleaned and emptied. 

● I acknowledge that Siesta Campers doesn't have any obligation to provide a refund when the vehicle is returned, or I cease to have use of the vehicle prior to the agreed date.

● I agree to allow myself adequate time to arrive back at the airport to catch my departure flight and accept that Siesta Campers will not be responsible for reimbursing missed flights costs for whatever reason.

● I agree that if I do not inform Siesta Campers of an unexpected delay in my arrival time, I will pay an additional €30.

● I agree that if I drop-off the camper outside of office hours, e.g. in order to catch an early flight, it must always be with previous permission granted by Siesta Campers. I understand that I will pay the €30 service charge for this option.

● I am responsible for any damage that occurs in the outside drop-off parking before Siesta Campers collect the vehicle. I agree for Siesta Campers to check over the van in my absence and inform me of any damages or charges. If damage is found I agree for my credit card, left on file with Siesta campers, to be charged accordingly.

● I understand that campers are available for collection from 2.00 pm and that I must return the camper by 11.00 am on the day my hire contract ends.

● I agree that Siesta Campers may substitute any type of camper for another type of camper should a situation arise where my booked camper is no longer available. If no substitute vehicles are available I will be refunded the cost of the rental and receive no further compensation.

7. Costs Incurred during the Rental Period

● I will pay Siesta Campers all parking fines, road traffic fines, or penalties.

● I agree to pay a €50 admin fee to all fines issued within the country initially booked. Fines from outside the country initially booked will be charged at €70 per fine.

● I agree to pay any charges incurred by road toll use during my rental period. If there is a charge, a €20 administration fee will be added.

● I will pay Siesta Campers all third-party damage costs not reported by me on return of the vehicle and associated administration costs incurred in relation to the vehicle during the rental period.

● I agree to pay a fee of €150 if breakdown assistance is needed, due to user error (flat battery, stuck in sand, tyre change, keys locked in a van, wrong fuel…)

● I will pay Siesta Campers any other fees or charges pursuant to this Agreement. This includes any costs incurred by Siesta Campers as a result of any breach by me of the terms of this Agreement.

● I agree to be liable for a daily rental charge for the time the vehicle is off-road for repairs due to an accident or damage or any breach by me of the terms in this Agreement.

● Siesta Campers retains the right to charge for any additional costs, fees, or damages incurred during the rental period which are not declared or immediately noted on the return of the camper.

8. Liability and Protection Plans

I acknowledge that I will be fully liable for all damage to the camper/ third parties should I breach any of the terms of this agreement. I agree that Siesta Campers will retain my security deposit.

● I acknowledge that the Collision Damage Waiver Agreement does not diminish my responsibility for tyre, windscreen, undercarriage damage or any damage whatsoever to internal fixtures, fittings, additional hire items, and living equipment.

● I agree that should damage be caused by negligence and my deposit is not sufficient to cover the cost of repair, a deposit of €2000 will be debited from my card immediately until damage cost assessment has been completed.

● Zero-Excess: I understand that if I select the extra Protection Plan with the Complete Collision Damage Waiver option, it means that the maximum I will be liable to pay in the case of a damage/accident is €0. Not covered is:

  • Damage to the side windows and rear windshield

● I understand that if I select the extra Protection Plan with the Standard Collision Damage Waiver option, it means that the maximum I will be liable to pay in the case of a damage/accident is €450. Not covered is:

  • Damage to the windshield, rear windshield and/or windows

● I understand that if I select the Protection Plan with the Basic Collision Damage Waiver option, it means that the maximum I will be liable to pay in the case of a damage/accident is €2000. Not covered are:

  • The passengers
  • Damage to the windshield, rear windshield and/or windows;
  • The cost of any tyre damage or punctures.

● None of the insurance CDW options cover the following:

  • Interior damage
  • Damage due to negligence; 
  • Glass or tyre damage due to negligence
  • Damaged or stained seats
  • Undercarriage damage
  • Damage due to using the vehicle off tarmac roads;
  • Damage due to vandalism, e.g. the cost of replacing windows, replacing locks and any damage should the camper be broken into or vandalized;
  • All damage that occurs to roof of the van. This includes and is not limited to all lifting mechanisms, skylights, canvas, roof racks, and damaged fiberglass;
  • Awning damage;
  • Personal items, additional hire items, and living equipment
  • Plastic side windows that are damaged on motorhomes due to being left open while driving;
  • Incorrect fuel used in the vehicle;
  • Any costs associated with technicians being sent out due to user negligence;
  • The cost of replacing keys, which have been lost, stolen or locked inside the vehicle;
  • All loads on the roof rack and any subsequent damage. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure the cargo is tied down correctly.

● I will be responsible for the cost of replacing the windscreen and any other windows in the vehicle outside of the collision damage waiver.

● I will be liable for the costs due to incorrect usage of fuel.

  • The appropriate seasonal daily rental fee for any days whilst the vehicle is off the road being repaired due to the use of incorrect fuel.

● I will be liable for the costs due to fuel in the drinking water deposits.

  • A new water tank and relevant water lines will be charged due to fuel in the water tank.

● I acknowledge that only the person(s) named in the Rental Agreement will be insured to drive.

● My deposit will be held until all costs have been calculated relating to the recovery of the vehicle and subsequent repairs.

● The cost of repair is not limited to the security deposit and the hirer will be liable for all repairs. This includes breakdown assist, removing fuel, exchanging parts requested by the dealer to retain the vehicle warranty.

● I accept that my personal effects are not covered by Siesta Campers insurance and that I have been advised to take out my own travel insurance.

● Further situations arise from the problem not being resolved at the requested time.

9. Use of the Camper

● I agree that during the rental period I will not or will not allow the camper to be:

  • Driven otherwise than in a cautious, prudent, and normal manner;
  • Driven other than on a paved public highway, private road or driveway, i.e. on the beach or off-road;
  • Driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Left unlocked whilst unattended or with the ignition key inside whilst unattended;
  • Used for any hire or reward, race, rally, or contest;
  • Used for any commercial event, advertising, promotion, photography without prior consent from Siesta Campers;
  • Used to tow any vehicle or trailer;
  • Driven by a person not named in the Rental Agreement;
  • Damaged by submersion in saltwater or contact with saltwater;
  • Used as a place to smoke or burn naked flames i.e. candles;
  • Driven whilst aware of a mechanical fault;
  • Used for cooking without appropriate ventilation and where applicable, the roof must be raised whilst using the cooker, or provide adequate ventilation;
  • Driven outside of the country initially booked without specific permission.

● If I take the camper out of the country initially booked  without declaring to Siesta Campers, I agree that I will be charged the out of the country fee for the entire period of my hire plus an additional €50 admin fee.

● I agree to inform Siesta Campers immediately if I find any fault during my hire, this includes living equipment and camping equipment.

● I understand that I will not be refunded or compensated for any technical malfunctions that I have not reported to Siesta Campers during my hire.

● I understand that I will not be refunded or compensated for any technical malfunctions that occur during my hire should I decide to refuse the solution Siesta Campers offers.

● I agree that if I refuse to enable any repairs that Siesta campers have requested, I will be liable for all subsequent damage or costs should any arise.

● Classic campers (vintage) are allocated 100km's per day usage. At the end of my hire excess mileage will be calculated and charged at €0.75 cents a km thereafter.

● Classic vans are not allowed to travel outside of the Algarve region.

● If a classic van is taken outside of the Algarve region, there will be an instant payment of €1000 taken from the deposit, also it will be up to the discretion of Siesta Campers to end the hire / contract of the van immediately.

● The campers are fitted with a GPS tracker to assist in locating vehicles to assist in case of vehicle theft. A geo-fence will be activated if the vehicle is taken out of the travel limit and I will be contacted by Siesta Campers to return the vehicle.

10. Driver Negligence

● Any damage to the vehicle that occurred due to the driver’s negligence such as a burnt clutch or any clutch damage due to driving on unsurfaced roads, parking the car on high curbs, damage to the wheels, lost or damaged keys, undercarriage damage, roof and awning damage, the collision of roofs into trees, forgetting to close the roof and subsequent damage, fuel into the drinking water, interior damage will always be charged to the client for the full amount of the repair cost. We will assess if the damage has been caused through negligence and an approximation of the damage will be held until this has been decided.

● The initial extent of the damage is assessed by our own workshop engineer. After the repair has been completed a full invoice will be issued. None of the Protection Plan packages that Siesta Campers offers shall cover any negligence damage.

● Fuel in the water: Any fuel added to the water tanks will require the removal and substitution of water tanks, water supply lines, and taps. Fuel is a highly hazardous substance and we do not clean the system, we always replace it. Any costs that are incurred from substitution will always be paid for by the customer, the hirer. None of the CDW packages that are offered cover any of the charges for this service.

● Any damage that occurs due to using the awning in high winds, rain or any other incorrect use will always be paid for by the customer. The awning should not be left out at night, during high winds or rain. 

11. Breakdown

● I agree in the unlikely event of mechanical breakdown to:

  • inform Siesta Campers prior to seeking the advice of a garage;
  • not authorize repairs, maintenance without consulting Siesta Campers first;
  • act according to the advice given by Siesta Campers, either awaiting assistance from Siesta Campers or using the breakdown cover provided.

● I shall not drive the vehicle with a known fault unless advised to by Siesta Campers.

● I will be responsible for the cost of any repairs incurred resulting from reckless, negligent or imprudent use of the vehicle by myself or allowed by myself, or from breach of any term of this agreement.

● I acknowledge that if a repair cannot be completed within 24 hours and is not the result of reckless, negligent or imprudent use by myself or permitted by myself, Siesta Campers will provide a replacement camper if one is available. If a camper is not available, Siesta Campers we will refund all remaining whole days.

● I understand that I will not be refunded for any lost hours waiting for breakdown assistance.

● If the camper is returned with damages, I accept it will be at Siesta Campers discretion whether to replace or repair the item.

12. Responsibility if an Accident Occurs

● In the event of an accident, loss, or damage arising out of the use of the vehicle I will notify Siesta Campers immediately.

● I will call the police to the scene of the accident to validate the insurance.

● I will complete a European Accident Report Form as supplied. 

● I will obtain the names, addresses of third parties and any witnesses. 

● I will not accept blame or insist the other party is at fault, accept any settlement offer or other offer.

● I will, if possible, photograph damage to all vehicles involved and registration numbers. 

● I agree to assist Siesta Campers in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending court to give evidence at my own cost. 

● I accept that Siesta Campers will at their own discretion make every effort to supply a replacement vehicle or suitable camping arrangements depending on how much of the holiday remains and who was at fault.

● I accept that Siesta Campers will endeavor to ensure any money due back is forwarded as soon as possible and understand that third-party claims may take time to resolve.

13. Terminating the Agreement

I acknowledge that Siesta Campers may terminate this Agreement and repossess the vehicle at any time without notification to me and that I will pay the reasonable costs of repossessing the vehicle, including towing charges if:

● I am in breach of any term of this Agreement.

● I have obtained the vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation.

● The vehicle appears to be abandoned.

● The vehicle is not returned on the agreed return date or Siesta Campers reasonably believes that the vehicle will not be returned on the agreed return date.

● The vehicle is taken outside of the country initially booked without specific permission from Siesta Campers.

● Classic campers are taken out of their travel restricted area of the Algarve.

14. Your Privacy 

At Siesta Campers we take your privacy very seriously. We store your data to fulfill our contractual obligations, such as payment processing, invoicing and communication in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Further recipients of your data may include logistics service providers or payment service providers. In addition, we use your data for the purpose of advertising. We will retain your personal data for only as long as it is necessary for the uses set out in this Privacy Notice and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. You are entitled to object at any time to the use of your data for advertising purposes, using our contact data.


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