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The best music festivals in Portugal this Summer 2024!

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Guaranteed no rain summer music festivals!

We’re mad for festivals at Siesta Campers, and with the help of our team, we’re sharing our lowdown for this year's best festivals in Portugal for 2024.

From the river to the sea, from the verdant north to the laid-back beach scene south, here are some of our 2024 Portugal summer festival hot spots. 

Oh yeah, and don't forget you can be guaranteed not to have a cold, rainy mud fest. Skip packing the wellies for this summer; pop those Birkenstocks and bikinis or mankinis in your bag, and you're good to go.

Group of friends enjoying a summer music festival

Take a campervan to the party!

There is nothing quite like a long night of partying under the stars and being able to return to your cosy van bubble with a delightful, comfy bed. Waking up knowing the kettle is within arm's reach and being able to make some solid homemade food to fuel the all-night dance moves.

 No more wrestling pop-up tents in the dark and blow-up mattresses that require a squad of five to muster enough breath to inflate; simply park up your van, and voilà – your festival crib is set up and ready. 

Having your own sunset drinks chill area with a table and chairs sets apart the pros from the amateurs. A place to keep your drinks cold and brew coffee will be the envy of the festy site, and running water's even more exciting! Hell yeah!! No wet wipes are needed here. A hot shower, anyone?

What better way to seek out the summer rave scene than with your own wheels? Whether you’ve already booked your summer travels and fancy stopping off at a festival on the way or starting to plan a summer festival road trip with your best buddies, Siesta Campers has got you covered. Three days at the festival and four days down the beach to recover. We believe that's the right party/life balance!

Two friends enjoying a campervan at a festival

Northern Portugal Music Festivals.

While the North of Portugal is typically known for its more natural green spaces, waterfalls, and award-winning wine, the summer brings a vibrant and eclectic mix of bustling festivals and a first-class party scene.

Primavera Sound Porto (6th-8th June) Tickets start at €175

The big festival coming to Porto this year is Primavera Sound, with a lineup that screams girls to the front. A big one on the European festival circuit with a sister festival in Barcelona. Over three days, the icons Lana Del Ray, SZA and Mitski will take to the stage, bringing thousands together with their top-of-the-chart sing-your-lungs-out songs. If these don’t catch your attention, maybe something more old skool or new favourites such as Pulp, Justice, The National and The Last Dinner Party will be there for the alternative indie music lovers. The festival attracts a diverse range of artists from various genres, so be sure to check out the festivals website so you can thoroughly scour the lineup.

Primavera sound music festival porto

Paredes de Coura (14-17th August) tickets €120

During the peak of summer, another massive favourite festival in Northern Portugal is Paredes de Coura. Bolstering that alternative music spirit, around 80 thousand people last year flocked to the Praia Fluvial do Taboão, a beautiful river beach near Paredes de Coura in northern Portugal. This year's line-up looks especially exciting, with international artists Girl in Red and Fontaines DC, taking to the stage. The festival is one of the oldest in Portugal and has been been taking place annually for the last 30 years, even after all these years , it maintains the same charisma and attraction. Nestled in a shady forest is a campsite with showers, toilets and running water, and yes, the toilets are nowhere near as bad as Glastonbury. Despite its growing popularity, Paredes de Coura maintains a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, with a strong sense of community among organisers and attendees. The festival's relaxed vibe and intimate setting make it an excellent choice for a must-see Euro festival free from pretence. Expect to make lots of friends at this one.

Him Dub festival (28th August - 1st September)

Finally, staying in the North, If you're looking for that intimate family festival feeling, then here is a hidden off-the-beaten-track gem for you. For all the dub reggae lovers out there, Him Dub Festival  is a relatively new, small, family-friendly festival with three stages of music, workshops, therapies, lectures, gastronomy, culture and art. Near a river in the northern hills of Portugal. What better place to listen to reggae all day in the sunshine? With a particular focus on sustainability and connection with nature, this festival is set up to be a conscious, heart-opening experience. One Love!!

Fires show at a music festival

Lisbon Festivals

If you’re flying into Lisbon and in search of some epic headliners, Lisbon hosts some of the big names in music every year. You can combine the best of a city stay with a fantastic headline music festival. If you’re looking to camp in Lisbon, check out Monsanto camping a short bus ride out of town. Lisbon never disappoints when it comes to cultural city stays. Pair this up with a cracking festival, and you've got an amazing summer festival experience, the perfect balance of culture and raving. Although the Lisbon festivals are much more commercial, they are still fun and offer unrivalled close-up-to-the-stars festival vibes.

Rock in Rio (15th-23rd June) tickets €84

is set over four days in central Lisbon

Who’s playing? Ed Sheran, Jack Bugg, Calum Scott, Doja Cat, Jonas Brothers, Lukas Graham will be pop-starring left, right and centre

NOS Alive (11-13th July) tickets €182. 

Who’s playing? Dua Lipa, Pearl Jam and Arcade Fire. 

With a knack for balancing a broad range of music, this festival captures both national and international talent. 

Superbock Rock (18th-20th July) tickets €174, 

If you haven’t already had enough of Superbock (Portugal’s best-selling beer along with Sagres) on your travels in Portugal. The company hosts its festival every year. This year's headliners are looking promising with Maneskin, Royal Blood and Tom Morello. 

MEO Kalorama (29-31 August) tickets €145.

Even more eye-catching is Kalorama’s lineup with headliners in the festival mix for years, Massive Attack and LCD Soundsystem. This festival sounds like it's going to be a proper crowd-grabber.

two friends enjoying a beer at a music festival

Brazilian Booty shaking anyone?

Coala festival (1st -2nd of June) tickets €85 @ Hipódromo Manuel Possolo in Cascais. If you fancy some Brazilian dance music, then the Coala festival is the one for you. Traditionally held in Brazil, this year, the festival is making a big jump and bringing its hip-shaking music to Europe for the first time. Portuguese and Brazilian music have always bounced and inspired each other, especially with the big Brazilian community in Portugal it makes sense to host the festival in the capital city of Lisbon.

DJ playing on the beach at Costa Da Caparica.

Dance all night on the beach!

Ready to groove all night long by the waves? Picture dancing away to Europe's hottest DJs on the beach. Count me in! Head to:

MOGA CAPARICA 2024! Praia da Morena, Costa da Caparica (May 29th - June 2nd)

(20min south of Lisbon) tickets €155 for a 3-day pass. Who’s playing? ANDHIM - BLACK POMADE - DEKMANTEL SOUNDSYSTEM - DESIREE and loads more.

Top tip for camping

While you may not be able to park on the site of the festivals, rest assured that despite the busy city location, all these festivals have accessible camping spots and regular transport to the site. MonSanto Park is a great campsite if you are looking for somewhere a bit quieter.  It's serene, budget-friendly, and offers easy access to everywhere you'll want to visit in Lisbon. If you want to park closer to the beach party, head to Camping Costa da Caparica.

The Algarve/Southern Portugal 

The Algarve, with its dreamy beaches and chill summer vibes, hosts some seriously cool up-and-coming events.

World Music, Festival Med

A personal favourite next to our HQ down south is a world music festival.

Festival med Loulé

27th-29th June, tickets €18 a day.

It will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Set in the enchanting Moorish town centre of Loulé, it's a lively celebration of all things Mediterranean, from mesmerising dance to mouth-watering street food. Get lost in the mediaeval cobbled streets with local artisans selling their crafts.  It will leave you feeling like you've stepped into a Moroccan medina. Expect to be amazed as just around the corner; you’ll stumble upon a world-class musical performance in a majestic square lined with towering palms. It's a magical late-night fusion of art, music and cuisine that's not to be missed!

Winston Mcanuff takes to the stage at festival Med

FMM Sines  Festival Músicas do Mundo. Sines

20-22 July @ Porto Covo. 23-27 July @ Sines. Tickets and acts are to be confirmed.

FMM's lineup stretches across the spectrum of "world music," defying boundaries and embracing diversity. Expect folk, jazz, alternative, fusion, and urban genres, transcending traditional definitions. More than just a showcase of "world music" or roots traditions, FMM Sines seeks authentic global sounds as they exist in the contemporary landscape. It celebrates mixed music, reflecting the interactions between artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures. FMM just happens to be close to some of the most spectacular wild beaches on the Portuguese coastline, so a campervan is essential.

Festival F Faro

5-7th September tickets TBC is held in Faro annually, often dubbed the ‘last big festival of the year’, with music, performances and exhibitions spread across nine stages throughout the city.

chilling on the beach after a festival

A summer to remember

Your Siesta Camper festival home on wheels is available to collect from three bases in Portugal, allowing you to get close to all festival locations. Whether you're drawn to summer music festivals in the historic cobbled streets of Lisbon, the lush green landscapes of the North, or the laid-back beach vibes of the South, Portugal has a summer music festival to suit every taste. So pack your bags, leave the wellies behind, and get ready for a summer filled with endless nights of dancing and chilled recuperation on the best beaches in Europe!

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