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Enjoy the best of both worlds with a campervan

One of the best things about campervan travel is being able to build a fully personalised road trip for you and your travel mates. One of the lesser known perks of vanning it in Portugal is having the best of both worlds–city life and country living–at your fingertips. 

Whether you soak up the sun (and beach life) in the Algarve, mosey along the West Coast or head north for a proper second-city experience, exploring Portugal by campervan offers the unique opportunity to see a little bit of everything without trying too hard.

So if you’re someone who enjoys the cultural fruits of city life (brunch spots, modern art, music venues, tattoo artists, botanic gardens), an easy day trip back into civilization in-between oceanside sunsets may be a fun choice, and Lisbon is a favourite among travellers.

Why Lisbon?

Lisbon has come a long way in the last 15 years! Many of the previously run-down areas are now thriving with life again, and it truly is a city that’s been rejuvenated but not lost its old-world charm. Lisbon is Portugal’s technicoloured capital city known for good food and good wine, but it also boasts an international art scene, a thriving nightlife, and an epic weekend flea market. 

The best way to make a day trip to Lisbon stress-free and fit seamlessly into a mostly off-grid adventure is to find a cute camping spot near Lisbon for the night before and/or following your day trip so it’s an easy drive back and forth.

Lisbon is a city full of old-world charm and lively spaces

Lisbon is a city full of old-world charm, lively spaces and fun for the modern traveller

Camping in and near Lisbon

While there’s an abundance of yurts, bell tents and tree houses speckling the Portuguese countryside, not many of these costly private accommodations provide the necessary amenities for overnighting in a van. When choosing a campsite, it’s important to take note of a few key things: Is electricity included? Do you pay for the size of the van? Do you pay per person and for the campervan? Is it kid-friendly? Do you need to do laundry? Is there Wi-Fi, on-site grocery or most important of all, is there shade? 

Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or your favourite other person, a campervan adventure on the Iberian Peninsula is a great way to enjoy that dream vacation with a little bit of all your favourite things. To help you get started, we’ve put together a collection of the best camping spots in and around Lisbon so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Lisbon provides an abundance of family-friendly camping options in and around the city

Lisbon is situated with an abundance of family-friendly camping options in and around the city

Unofficial FREE camping spots from our friends at Park 4 Night:

Park at your own risk! When choosing an unofficial camping spot, you mustn't treat it as a campsite, so no tables and chairs out, no awning rolled out. It’s best only to park if you see other campers there. Get friendly with your neighbours, as they can watch the van when you head into town.

📍 18 Rua Augusto Alexandre Jorge 2675-369 Odivelas (25-30 minutes from city centre)

This parking lot is opposite a fire station and located just ten minutes from the Lisbon metro station (and about the same as the local main square and tourist office), with an easy train ride to the Lisbon waterfront. About 20 spots are available with partial shade, waste receptacles (trash only) and 3G/4G, as well as a children’s park / playground next door.

📍 Rua Cintura do Porto, 1950 Lisboa (25-30 minutes from the city centre)

This is a smaller lot open year-round with only 10 spots and a great view of the Tagus river, so it’s good to have a backup plan. Although there are no facilities to fill or empty water tanks you can pop to Intermarché Sacavém just 18 minutes away. Located near a walking/bike path, bus stop, snack bar and various cafes and restaurants, this is a great option for spending a night or two. Tip: don’t miss the sunrise (and bring your earplugs, as this is a popular sing-to-the-ocean venue for those who may have been drinking the day prior).

📍 B Avenida República da Bulgária, 1950-442 Lisboa (20-25 minutes from city centre)

This is less a camping spot and more of a roadside parking alcove for those heading into town to run errands on foot. There are shopping possibilities (supermarkets, pharmacies) and trash receptacles nearby, but be warned: this one’s full sun and very close to traffic.

📍 Soflusa Seixal Car Park (30-35 minutes from city centre)

Although not free, prices for parking here range from €1.25 for one hour to a modest €3.25 for a full day. Paved, illuminated and surveilled, this is an ideal parking spot for those catching the 25-minute ferry to Lisbon and only 500 metres from two beaches. Facilities are available at the ferry port. Note: the maximum stay for this lot is two days.

Paying Campsites with Full Facilities:

📍 Lisboa Camping & Bungalows (about 25 minutes from the city centre)

This is the closest campsite to Lisbon’s city centre! Located in the middle of Monsanto Forest Park, or the “green lung of Lisbon,” Lisboa Camping allows guests to reap the benefits of being close to the capital without feeling like they’re in a big city. Fully equipped, open 365 days a year and prepared to receive more than 1800 guests in bungalows, villas, glampsites and paved, equipped pitches for campervans and motorhomes, they have everything you may need in your day-to-day, including a mini-market on-site, laundry facilities, a bar/cafe and free Wi-Fi.

Lisboa Camping offers fully equipped campervan-ready campsites near Lisbon

Lisboa Camping offers fully equipped campervan-ready campsites near Lisbon

📍 Parque de Campismo Orbitur Guincho (about 35-40 minutes from city centre)

Close to the beach and popular with the windsurfing and kiteboarding crowds, this year-round, full-service location is a great launch pad for Cascais and just a short drive from the Siesta Campers Lisbon base! Situated behind the dunes in Guincho Beach among the pine woods, this is one of those campsites near Lisbon that is worth the drive and allows you to avoid the often congested bridges connecting Lisbon with the southern routes. 

Orbitur Guincho offers fully equipped campervan-ready campsites near Lisbon

Orbitur Guincho offers fully equipped campervan-ready campsites with a view near Lisbon

📍 Ericeira Camping & Bungalows (about 55 minutes from the city centre)

Ericeira Camping is praised for being a tidy, spacious and shaded camping option for motorhomes and campervans within walking distance to the beach. With Ericeira Village nearby, guests can explore the quaint town, visit the skatepark, try bouldering or enjoy a good cup of coffee. There’s also regular, full-volume evening entertainment at the on-site venue, Club 58. 

📍 Urban Art Camping Peniche (about 1 hour 20 minutes from city centre)

Although a bit further from Lisbon’s city centre, Urban Art Camping is a full-sun camping area with fully equipped motorhome service areas providing all amenities, as well as a snack bar, mini market, children’s playground, changing rooms and additional parking. Restaurants can be found 800m away, and campsites include a BBQ area.

Urban Art Camping provides fully equipped campervan-ready campsites near Lisbon

Urban Art Camping is a great family-friendly camping option just over an hour from Lisbon

📍 Orbitur Montargil (about 1.5 - 2 hours from city centre)

This campsite is located east of Lisbon along the Montargil reservoir and situated along a peaceful freshwater beach. This is a dream camping option for anyone interested in water sports, and at Orbitur Montargil you can take advantage of opportunities to jet-ski, water-ski, windsurf, or go sailing. With modern facilities, a pool, high-end restaurant and kid-friendly spaces, this one offers a little somethin’ for everyone.

Orbitur Montargil offers fully equipped-campervan-ready campsites near Lisbon

Orbitur Montargil has something for everyone, including a nearby freshwater beach

..If you’d like to brave the southbound traffic and cross the bridge into Almada.. 

📍 EcoPoarque do Outão (about 45-55 minutes to city centre)

Located in the green foothills of the protected Arrábida Natural Park, this campervan-friendly campsite is just under an hour from Lisbon and offers a children’s playground, outdoor fitness circuit and sandpit, so you can get your workout in while having fun with the kiddos before relaxing and overlooking the River Sado.

📍 Parque de Campismo da Gâmbia (about 45-60 minutes from city centre)

With a friendly staff and straightforward service, this is a practical option with a great view, a calm, quiet environment and plenty of trees surrounding sandy soil campervan pitches in both sun and shade. This site fills up early with long term residents, so be sure to have a Plan B. Top advice from previous guests: bring mosquito repellent!

Filling and emptying water tanks in Lisbon

When travelling in a campervan in or around Lisbon, the key is to fill your fresh water tank at the start of your trip and emptying the grey water at the end. Intermarché grocery stores usually have motorhome services, as do many official campgrounds. Nearby Intermarché locations include: 

Lisbon's streets are unique, steep and full of curves

Lisbon's streets are unique, steep and full of curves!

Parking in Lisbon

The streets in Lisbon are steep, narrow and full of life (and traffic!), so parking may not be as easy as it usually is back home. If you’re looking for a safe place to park the van while you’re out on the town, we recommend finding a nearby Telpark Lot, but make sure to pay attention to the height limitations when bringing a campervan into any underground parking. 

Where to camp for free in and around Lisbon

With a campervan, you can casually explore Lisbon and the Portuguese countryside all in one trip.

Final tips for camping in Lisbon

Whether you’re exploring Lisboa and the surrounding region or just passing through, knowing your options when it comes to camping in and around Lisbon can help you build a solid travel plan or allow you to stay spontaneous and go with the flow. Remember to do your research to find what works for you, leave any campsite better than you found it, and to always respect local laws when it comes to protected natural (and urban) areas and wildlife. Happy adventuring! 🚌✨

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