Woman watching the best sunset near Lisbon from her vintage campervan.

Lisbon’s Best Spots to Watch the Sunset from your Campervan

Loyd Rozzo

Owner of Siesta Campers

With so much choice of where to head as dusk approaches, you can’t help but wonder where to find the perfect spot. Our team at Siesta Campers has years of experience in exploring Lisbon by campervan and we have narrowed a potentially extensive list into our very favourite picks to ensure that your campervan hire from Lisbon starts with success.

1 – Belém

Whether your time in Lisbon is a flying visit or a more relaxed break, a trip to Belém is time well spent.

Our top tip is drive southwest from Lisbon’s centre, heading to the ferry terminal, which is an ideal (and totally free!) place to open a bottle of wine, watch a beautiful sunset and spend a cosy night in your campervan right in the heart of Lisbon.

So, after a restful night’s sleep, what about breakfast? You could rustle something up in your van’s fully-equipped kitchen, or you could head to the Pasteis de Belém for a coffee and one of their famous pastries, made fresh each day to their secret recipe.

Watch the sunset at Torre de Belem, Lisbon's 16th century fortress.

Time for a little culture next!

Conveniently located a mere stone’s throw from your camp spot is the Museu Coleção Berardo. This wonderful gallery of modern and contemporary art is Lisbon’s most visited museum and is free all day Saturday and is just over the road from your free Lisbon campervan parking. If you have a little extra time in Belém, we also recommend:

Couple watching one of the best sunsets in Lisbon at the MAAT museum.

2 – Alcântara

If you like a little nightlife to accompany sunset, we recommend driving your campervan to the Alcântara waterfront. This once thriving port on the Tagus River is now a busy hub of trendy bars, waterside restaurants and clubs.

Housed in the converted warehouses of Santo Amaro Docks, near Lisbon’s iconic 25 de Abril Bridge, this location is equally suited for afternoon coffee by the river or dinner and drinks to get your night started.

If the previous night’s fun didn’t leave you too worse for wear, you might like to indulge in a spot of retail therapy. Walk or drive over to the LxFactory, which has been called ‘Lisbon’s trendiest quarter’, and check out a huge variety of cool cafés, restaurants, shops (including Lisbon’s prettiest bookshop, Ler Devagar) and other interesting cultural and artistic projects.

Considering spending another 24 hours in Alcântara?


  • Museu da Carris – Everyone loves watching the distinctive yellow trams wind through Lisbon’s narrow streets, right? This is the place to get up-to-speed on their history and Lisbon’s public transportation.

Ponte 25 de Abril – Drive your van underneath Lisbon’s famous  ‘25 of April Bridge’ to take a photo or two of one of the city’s most enduring landmarks. Bonus points for managing to squeeze the Cristo Rei monument in the background of your selfie!

Woman waiting for the sun to go down at Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge with Cristo Rei in the background.

3 – Monsanto

To escape the hustle and bustle of Lisbon, we recommend driving your campervan to Parque Florestal de Monsanto. Within its 10km of natural beauty, you will find the Parque Municipal de Campismo de Monsanto,

Wondering how to top your night’s stay in Monsanto? How about grabbing a coffee and taking a scenic walk to Lisbon’s old aqueduct!

The Águas Livres Aqueduct is one of Lisbon‘s most iconic sights, steeped in historical significance and architectural magnificence. Missed by most, it’s possible to walk across the walkaways of the aqueduct, which offer incredible views for little physical effort.

Panorâmico de Monstanto is one of Lisbon's top sunrise & sunset locations.

Before leaving Monsanto you could also:

  • Cycle into the city – Swap four wheels for two and see some of Lisbon’s most picturesque parts at a slower pace. Many of the trails weave through a healthy forest and offer wonderful city views.
  • See something different – If you’re feeling a little adventurous you could drive campervan up to the Restaurante Panorâmico de Monsanto. This long-abandoned restaurant may no longer be open for business but it still serves up arguably the best views of the city. Without question, one of Lisbon’s best kept secrets!


With countless choices of free, beautiful parking spots throughout Portugal, the choices are endless. From inland beauty-spots to hidden coastal retreats and enclaves, those in the know are able to enjoy the best of the country’s amazing scenery. Drop us a line to let us know your favourite places to watch the sun go down all year round.

Couple watching the sun do down over the horizon in Lisbon, Portugal.

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