Some common questions

We're sure you have some questions regarding your campervan rental holiday in Portugal. If you don't find the answers here please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Do we have to arrive on a certain day, i.e. Monday to Monday ?

We are open 7 days a week so you may arrive on any day of the week.

Can we take the classic VW campers out of the Algarve?

Our classic campers are restricted to the Algarve because we like to be able to be within reasonable driving distance to resolve any problems.
Although this is unlikely ,considering the amount of constant maintenance and new parts ,engines etc we lavish our classics with.
We do know, from years of experience of renting these classics, that occasionally small problems can happen . Whether it is leads popped off or engine timing slipped out, sliding doors wrenched off, etc .
There is no roadside assist in portugal, only breakdown relocation . So ,should one of our vans breakdown over half a days drive away from our base , You would lose at least one valuable day of your precious holiday time being brought back to our workshop for repair. There are no efficient local garages either to deal with this specialist work on vintage campers. We in fact are one of the few specialists in Portugal.
In 9 years of running 6 classic campers , that are constantly rented out week after week for 8 months of the year , we have a great track record of repairing all problems and getting clients back on the road within hours and not letting anyone down . We offer a 24 hour / day personal road side assistance service .
This could not happen if our vans drove all over Portugal .
We already work round the clock keeping these oldies of up to 46 years in age in good order. Our business would not be feasible if our campers covered 1000’s of kilometre with every other booking .
We see this region restriction as a rare opportunity to slow down ! The classic 70’s campers are more suited to a more slower pace of holiday and not long motorway cruises.

Can we take the new VW's outside of Portugal ?

You sure can. There is a €50 additional insurance charge. The new VW T6 is a delight to drive and has cruise control to assist in those long drives.

How do I pay for my camper rental?

    Do I need to pay a booking deposit to secure the camper.

    Yes we need to take a 50% down payment to reserve your campervan. The remaining balance is to be paid by credit/debit card on arrival.

    What cards can I pay with.

    You can pay via our secure server on our website with Visa/Meastro credit/debit cards. The remaining balance to be paid on arrival can be paid by credit/debit card.

    How do I pay the security deposit.

    The security deposit depends on the level of accident damage waiver you take. The maximum deposit that is held on your card if you do not take any additional cover is €2000. The cardholders name must be on the booking contract.

Do you provide bedding ?

Yes we provide freshly laundered duvets ,pillow and sheets. For children in the family we provide 2 sleeping bags.

Can we drop the new vans in Lisbon or Porto ?

Yes we have bases in Faro, Lisbon and Porto. We charge €150 for a one way hire.

Can I rent a van If I’m under 25 ?

We can rent to under 25’s for an additional €50 a week.

Do you provide maps and guidebooks ?

Yes we provide maps and guide books. The classic vans come with a unique and humorous guide book that has previous customers tips. Its filled with 9 years of great advice. We also offer you our unique advice on arrival.

Do I have to clean the van on return?

Yes. we manage to keep our prices as low as possible by minimising the amount of time spent handing the van on to the next customers. If the van is returned dirty we will charge a €50 cleaning fee.
All extras booked must be cleaned as well ie surfboards, bikes , etc.
Toilets must be returned empty and without signs of usage or a €50 cleaning fee will apply (non negotiable.)

I’ve only just passed my driving test can I still rent a van?

You must have held your driving license for a minimum of 1 year.

Can I bring my dog

Yes you can bring your dog but there is a €50 extra valet fee. We’re sorry we cannot accept dogs in the California campers.

Are campsites open all year round.

Yes they are open as usual and are cheaper off season. You do not normally need to book in advance.

Can I wild Camp ?

Technically wild camping is illegal in Portugal. However you will see many people wild camping in campers.
You may be told to move on though in the middle of the night and they may decide to fine you. Putting a tent up is definitely not tolerated.

Are the motorways free in Portugal.

The motorways are not free in Portugal and are charged by VIA VERDE. We rent motorway toll readers from them for each of the vans. There is a €15 activation fee if you use this toll reader, per rental contract.

What do I need to bring when I collect my camper ?

When you come to collect the camper you should bring with you:

Driving licence of all the named drivers
Credit card in the name of the hirer . This should have enough funds to cover any of the security deposit options(maximum €2000)
Passport / I.D.

What are the pick up/drop off terms ?

Standard collection 12pm midday to 6.00pm. Campers to be returned by 11.00am. Returns after 11.00am are subject to availability and will incur an additional days rental fee.

I arrive before 12am Can you collect me then ?

All the classic vans are for collection at 12 am . These vintage vans must have a thorough inspection before going out on rental.

What if I am delayed for the collection of the camper?

You must notify us as soon as you know about the delay. If you arrival runs into our out of office hours , the relevant charges will apply. If you fail to notify us of any delay you will be charged €50 fee for staff waiting time.

Can I add additional collision damage waiver cover when I arrive ?

Yes you may change your current cover when you arrive, you can pay for this by credit card or cash.

Can I add some extras when I arrive ?

You can select items at our Lisbon depot. additional items for Porto and Faro must be given in advance as we meet you at the airport at these locations.

Do you meet us at the airport or train station ?

Yes in all of our locations we can meet you at the train station or airport. In Lisbon we can meet at the orient train station or the Airport, You will then be taken back to our base 5 minutes from the airport.

Campervan questions

How old are your modern campers ?

We take great pride in offering the most modern current campers available in Portugal. All of our modern VW’s are under 2 years old. Our conversions are highly sought after . This allows us to sell of our old stock at the end of the season.

Do you modern vans come with a sunshade ?

All of our Atlantic range and Californias come with a roll out sun shade. This is operated by a crank handle and unwinds to cover 2.4m of shade. It is fitted along the side of the van and is 2.6m long.

Do the Campers have Air con ?

The vintage vans do not have AC but all of our modern vans do.

Do the Atlantic vans have auxiliary heating ?

Some of our Atlantic vans have an auxiliary night heater. This runs off of the auxiliary battery and pulls a very small amount of diesel from the tank. It blows hot air around the van and takes minutes to heat the van. Please specify if you would like this model.

Do the Vans have a bathroom or toilet ?

We rent a portable toilet for use in the van. This is stored under the seat when not in use .The vans feature a pull out shower at the back. This is operated by a powerful pump that draws the water from the underslung tanks. It has 2.5bar of pressure which is the same as your average house supply.

How economical are your vans ?

Our vintage vans roughly return around 12L to 100km of unleaded petrol. The New VW Transporters with Euro 6 engines do 7L to 100km with diesel fuel.

Do the vans have USB points and mains sockets?

Yes the vintage and modern vans have USB points. They also have a socket for 240v appliances. The 240v sockets will only work when connected to a mains electricity supply.

Do your vans have fridges ?

Yes. Our modern and vintage vans have 12v dometic compressor fridges . They run off of the auxiliary battery and the mains when you are plugged into campsite power.

Do your vans have cookers ?

Sure. We fit as standard in all of our vans a 2 hob gas cooker. We also supply a gas bottle with camping gaz. If this should run out you can easily swap this at all campsites.

Are you vans covered in stickers ?

Our vans have a small sticker on the left side window. We like to keep our vans discreet and stylish.

How does the chemical toilet work ?

Ah ok , well check out this short clip and see for yourself. This will explain it all. The toilet must be returned empty and clean or a €50 cleaning fee will apply.
wc info

Can I add additional collision damage waiver cover ?

Yes you can add this to your booking when you arrive.

What if I breakdown in my classic camper ?

We have a team of 3 full time mechanics who are on call. We will assess the problem over the phone and if we think its an easy fix we will send over one of our mechanics. If it’s a bigger problem we will get the vehicle returned back to our garage and get it fixed, we will swap for another vehicle if one is available and suitable for your group. If not we will put you up in a hotel until we get it fixed. We have years of experience with classic VW’s and carry all the parts to get them fixed.

What if I breakdown in my new VW ?

We choose to rent modern VW’s because of their great reliability. VW provide great assistance with their new vehicles. You are covered with all of our new VW’s with VW assist. This offers you 24hr breakdown cover. We arrange a taxi to bring you back to our base or hotel , whilst we prepare an alternative vehicle.