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frequently asked Questions

Yes, each of our modern and classic campers can be booked online via our website!

The minimum rental period is usually 4 days (except for the classic vans) and 7 days in high season.

We're available 7 days a week, so you can arrive any day of the week!

We work with a dynamic pricing structure. Daily prices vary depending on availability, season and camper model. Our pricing strategy is transparent! Your VW camper is fully equipped for sleeping, cooking and relaxing! So you don't need to book any extras. Every rental includes basic insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance!

Yes, of course! We offer a 5% discount for rentals over 14 days and 10% for rentals of 28 days or longer. (Extras or insurance package not included). Here you will find our special offers !

Yes, we charge a moving fee to pick up/drop off a camper at another location (Portugal only). We may sometimes suggest reversing the direction of travel to reduce the one-way rental. Please write us an email: support@siestacampers.com

We will look at our existing availability and see if this is possible. The fee for early pickup from 9 a.m. is €50. The fee for a late pickup from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. is €70. From 8 p.m. it costs €50 and you can collect it yourself. All payments and documents will be organized prior to arrival.

Yes, you need to pay 50% of the total deposit to reserve your camper. The remaining amount must be paid on site by credit/debit card.

You can pay via our website's secure server using credit or debit cards from the Visa, Maestro and Amex networks. You can also pay the remaining amount by credit or debit card upon arrival. If you are unsure about your card limit, simply contact us to arrange payment before your arrival!

The amount of the deposit depends on the accident insurance taken out. We will block a maximum deposit of €2000 on your card if you do not take out additional insurance. The name of the cardholder must be mentioned in the booking contract!

The deposit will be released approximately one week after the camper is returned. It may take longer if we have to wait for a toll update or damage repair estimate.

We rent to under 25s for an additional charge of €10/day.

You must have had a driving license for at least 1 year.

The price includes a main driver. Depending on your insurance, you can add a second driver.

Our offices are generally open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you have any questions outside of normal business hours, simply contact us using the contact form !

Collection usually takes place between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Campers must be returned by 11:00 am. Returns after 11:00 am are subject to availability and will be charged an additional daily rental fee.

When you pick up the camper you should bring the following with you:

- Driver's license of all drivers mentioned.

- Credit card in the name of the tenant. This should have sufficient funds to cover each deposit option (maximum €2000).

- Passport / ID card

The modern Siesta Beach, Atlantic and California models can be picked up/returned in Faro, Lisbon or Porto. The Grand California and Siesta Pacific motorhome models can be picked up/dropped off in Faro or Lisbon.

In the case of a reservation in Spain, both pickup and drop-off must take place in Malaga.

Our classic campers can only be picked up and returned in Faro. These vehicles are only allowed to be driven in the Algarve. These models include 100 km/day. Each additional kilometer costs 0.75 euros.

We offer the advantage of a one-way rental, so you can take your time and see the best of Portugal. Choose between our three branches (Lisbon, Porto & Faro) with all modern vans. Our classic vans are not available in Lisbon and Porto. The motorhome models are not available in Porto.

In the case of a reservation in Spain, both pickup and drop-off must take place in Malaga.

In Lisbon you can pick up the camper at our branch near Oriente train station. This is very close to almost all metro lines and/or 5 minutes by taxi from the airport. In Porto our office is located near Matosinhos. You can reach this by metro or in 10 minutes by taxi. Our office is located in Faro, 2 minutes from the airport.

Unfortunately not. Our space is limited and is needed for our campers. But there are plenty of free parking spaces near our offices in Lisbon, Porto and Faro!

Please let us know if you would like an earlier pickup. We will check our availability and see if this is possible! The fee for early pickup from 9:00 a.m. is €50.

Please notify us of your delay as soon as possible. If you arrive outside of our opening hours, we will be required to charge the appropriate fees. If you do not inform us of your delay, you will be charged a €50 staff waiting fee.

Yes. We can only be so cheap because we keep the time required to hand over the camper to the next customer to a minimum. If the camper is returned dirty we must charge a cleaning fee of €100 for all T6 and Classic models and €130 for the Grand California, Pacific and ID Buzz.

The camper must be returned washed, swept and with surfaces cleaned. The toilet must be emptied and the tank filled.


TDC, Estrada da Circunvalação, 1800-136 Lisbon, Portugal


44 Rua Guilherme Gomes Fernandes Leça da Palmeira, 4450-592 Porto, Portugal


R. Aquilino River 2, 8005-146 Lighthouse, Portugal

You can change your booking for free up to 48 hours after the original booking! After that, a processing fee of €50 will apply. This basically depends on availability.

Any change in model depends on availability (the daily price will be adjusted accordingly).

Siesta Campers does not pay refunds for changed travel dates one month before arrival.

Please inform us at least 1 week in advance to cancel extras free of charge.

We offer a flexible cancellation policy. If you cannot or do not want to go on your adventure with Siesta Campers for any reason, you can rebook once to a future date up to 1 year after the cancellation date. The value of your current booking will be credited to you once for your new trip, depending on availability. If you don't yet know your new travel dates, you will be issued a one-time credit towards your original booking. Contact us as soon as you have your new travel dates and we will take care of the details. If you want to cancel without rebooking, cancellation fees will apply:

If you cancel more than 60 days before the scheduled pickup time, you will receive a 100% refund.

If you cancel within 60 days to 48 hours before the scheduled pickup time: 50% of the booking deposit will be deducted (cancellation fee) or you can choose a flexible travel voucher equal to 100% of the total amount already paid (valid until 1 year after the cancellation date).

If you cancel less than 48 hours before the scheduled pickup time: 100% of the rental price will be deducted and retained (No Show Fee).

Siesta Campers will not refund changed dates 1 month before my arrival.

The equipment of the individual models can be found on the campervan pages. Here is the overview of the campervans .

We offer the most modern campers currently available in Portugal. All of our modern VWs are less than 2 years old. Our conversions are in high demand! That's why we can sell our old stock at the end of the season! If you are interested in buying a campervan from us, please take a look here: https://campershop.pt !

Our classic campers use around 10-12 liters of unleaded petrol per 100 km, depending on your driving style. The new VW vans with Euro 6 engines consume 7 liters of diesel per 100 km!

In the Atlantic and Beach there is an additional battery that supplies all of the camper's equipment! Most of the power from this battery is used by the refrigerator. This is not a problem for campers with photovoltaic systems.

However, the Siesta Beach 's refrigerator and additional battery only last for about 2 to 3 days. The refrigerator switches off at 10V. The lights still work because they are equipped with LEDs. If you don't want to charge at the campsite, you can purchase ice at most garages and supermarkets to keep your Siesta Beach cooler working!

The VW California has 2 additional batteries that can last for around 5 to 6 days without a charge, assuming the fridge is not turned up to the maximum. We have installed a fairly robust charging and electrical system. If you have any problems with our vehicles while on the road, our technical customer service will be happy to help you troubleshoot!

Our campers are very stylish and unobtrusive! There is just a small sticker on the left side of the window. With campers that look as great as ours, you don't need silly stickers!

All our campers are designed for 4 people (2 double beds)! However, our VW T6 Beach is only suitable for 2 people (one double bed). We also offer the T6 Atlantic with seat belts for 5 people. Just ask when you book.

All of our motorhomes are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen. Each campervan has a refrigerator, a gas stove (gas is included), a table and a kitchen set so you can prepare delicious meals wherever you are!

Our classic motorhomes are the most compact campers, yet spacious enough for 4 adults to relax and sleep comfortably!

The Grand California and Siesta Pacific motorhomes are the best choice for families. 2 adults can sleep in the lower bed and 2 children in the upper bed above the driver's cab. Our Siesta Atlantic is a great compact choice for families as it can carry up to 5 passengers!

Our Siesta Atlantic, California, Pacific and Classic campers all accommodate 4 adults. The Grand California motorhome offers space for 2 adults and 2 children as the upper part is slightly smaller!

The Siesta Beach is the best choice for a 2-person motorhome as it has a double bed below and a pop-top roof. This means it offers taller passengers additional headroom!

We offer bed linen for an additional charge of €29.00. Our bedding sets consist of a freshly washed blanket for two people, 2 pillows and a sheet.

Modern campers have air conditioning, but classic campers unfortunately do not.

Our VW Grand California and Siesta Pacific have a fully equipped bathroom with toilet, shower and waste water tank. We provide a free mobile chemical toilet for our Atlantic, Beach and Classic campers. When the toilet is not in use, it can be stored under the seat. The Siesta Beach and VW T6 Atlantic models have a pull-out shower in the rear. This is operated by a powerful pump that sucks water from the tanks below. The pressure is 2.5 bar, which corresponds to the pressure of an average house connection.

Yes, all of our campers have USB ports. There is also a socket for 240 volt devices. The 240 volt sockets only work when the vehicle is connected to the mains, with the exception of the VW Pacific . This is equipped with an inverter that converts the voltage from the batteries into 240 volt electricity without an external power supply.

Yes. Our T6 Beach , Atlantic, California and Classic are all equipped with 12 volt compressor refrigerators. The T6 Beach is equipped with a Waeco Eco Cooler , which can be used with the additional battery and via the power grid, for example. B. is operated on a campsite.

Clear. All of our campers are equipped with a 2-burner gas stove as standard! We also provide a gas bottle with camping gas that you can exchange at a gas distributor if it ever runs out - this information is also included in the rental agreement. If you provide us with a receipt with our company details, we will refund you.

All of our Atlantic and California models are equipped with a roll-out awning! It is extended using a crank and offers a shaded area of ​​2.4 m2. It is located on the side of the camper and is 2.6 m long!

The Grand California, Pacific and Atlantic models are equipped with an integrated heater that runs on either gas or diesel from the fuel tank. Some of our California campers have an additional heater that is powered by the additional battery and only requires a small amount of diesel from the tank.

This releases warm air into the camper and only takes a few minutes to heat it up. Please indicate when booking whether you would like to rent this model. An additional charge of €80 will be charged for this.

For the classic campers and the Siesta Beach and T6 California models, we can offer a small 220 volt electric heater for use on campsites that is connected to the mains!

Our campers are rented with a free gas bottle! If it becomes empty during your rental, you can exchange it at a gas distributor and we will refund you upon presentation of a receipt with our company details.

The VW Atlantic is equipped with a roof rack with crossbars! This is suitable for surfboards, but not for heavier items such as: B. Kayaks. Fixing boards etc is your responsibility and it's worth taking a quick look HERE to see how to do this correctly. After all, you don't want the boards flying off on the highway! The VW California models can only be equipped with a roof rack upon request!

We offer original VW bike racks for our VW T6 Atlantic, Beach and California. However, they must be rented separately. The red and white warning signals must be attached to the back of the carrier, otherwise you risk a fine. If you would like to bring your own bikes, you MUST inform us in advance how many there are.

You can find a full list of our camping extras here .

Watch this short clip . Everything is explained here! The toilet must be returned empty and cleaned, otherwise a cleaning fee of €80 will be charged.

Yes, you can! In our branches in Lisbon, Porto and Faro we have great extras that you can book. But you'd better inform us beforehand so that we have the extras in stock!

We can store your luggage for the duration of the booking. However, we accept no liability for items left behind on our premises.

Basic insurance cover (2000 euros deposit) is included as standard in the camper rental price. The deposit is lower if you add one of the additional insurance packages. More information can be found here .

Yes, you can change your current insurance coverage upon your arrival. You can pay for this by credit card or debit card upon arrival.

We have a team of full-time mechanics on call! We'll assess the problem over the phone and if it's easy to fix, we'll send one of our mechanics out. If it is a major problem, we will ask you to drive to our nearest location or we will take the vehicle back to our workshop and have it repaired. If necessary, we will exchange the vehicle for another suitable for your group if one is available. If not, we'll put you up in a hotel until everything is repaired! We have years of experience with classic VWs and have all spare parts in stock for every problem!

We rent modern VWs because they are robust and reliable. VW offers an extensive breakdown service for new vehicles. With all of our new VWs you are covered with VW Assist . This includes 24-hour breakdown service. In the unlikely event that a problem cannot be easily resolved, we will arrange a taxi to take you back to our branch or hotel while we prepare a replacement vehicle.

If you have been in an accident, we ask that you do the following: Call the police, take photos of all vehicles involved and their position on the road, and fill out the accident report form in the glove compartment. Please call us and do not sign any documents without asking us first. We're here to help! During office hours (between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.): 00351 308808058. Outside office hours we offer an emergency number.

This has not happened in the last 15 years. If it happens anyway, please call Siesta Campers and the police immediately. We require a complete police report in order to make subsequent insurance claims. The insurance coverage expires if the keys were left in the vehicle and the vehicle was unattended!

Our classic campers may only be moved within the Algarve region. We are happy to be within reach to resolve any issues that may arise. Serious problems are very unlikely, as we constantly service the campers and equip them with new parts. However, from time to time minor problems arise, which is why we want to be on site quickly. We are the only specialists in Portugal for these special campers!

Therefore we may need to return the camper to our Algarve branch to have it repaired. Thanks to many years of experience with these typical campers, we have come to the conclusion that this is the best solution for us to rent out these rare beauties!

Our classic vans cannot be taken outside Portugal. Our modern vans can be taken outside Portugal/Spain for an additional charge of €20 per day. The new VW T6 is a joy to drive and has cruise control to help you on those long journeys.

There are no mileage limits on the T6 models, so you can get to know the country without restrictions. There is a limit of 100 km/day for classic campers (which can only be driven in the Algarve). Each additional kilometer costs 0.75 euros.

The motorways in Portugal are subject to charges and are billed by VIA VERDE. We rent motorway toll readers from you for every camper. When using this toll reader, an activation fee of €20 is charged per rental agreement.

The motorways are not free in Spain. We do not provide a reader for a fee.

If you are unlucky enough to receive a traffic ticket, we will be happy to help you pay it on your behalf. We charge a processing fee of €50 for administrative costs (fines within the country originally booked) and €70 for fines outside the country originally booked. In the event of speeding violations, we are obliged to release the driver details and will also charge a processing fee of €50 for violations within the originally booked country and €70 for outside the originally booked country.

Yes, of course. We love dogs at Siesta! However, we have to charge an extra €70. This is to ensure that the camper is thoroughly cleaned and is in perfect condition for the next customer.

Our campers are ideal for traveling with young families ! We regularly camp with our children. Over half of all our customers have babies and toddlers and have great experiences!

Yes, we provide road maps and travel guides. In the classic campers you will find an original and humorous travel guide that even contains tips from previous guests. It's also filled with 9 years of great advice. You will also receive our unique advice upon arrival.

Yes, they are open all year round and are even cheaper out of season! Normally you don't have to book in advance. We offer special offers on some of the best campsites. Just ask us!

Wild camping is actually forbidden in Portugal. The best thing to do is to stay at a campsite and take advantage of the benefits you have there. You can find out more about wild camping in Portugal in our blog.

The water tank can be refilled at campsites. Some garages/gas stations also offer free water, while others charge a fee. It's best to just ask beforehand.

No, your camper simply needs to be cleaned and refueled before being returned.

Yes! With us you are at the right address. We are specialists in VW campers and sell some of our impeccably maintained vehicles at the end of each season. For more information just have a look here: https://campershop.pt

Yes, sure! Simply contact our professional workshop with your requirements: support@siestacampers.com

Yes, we have well-trained staff and years of experience with these campers. We also have a parts warehouse to keep our own fleet in top condition. Simply write us an email to: support@siestacampers.com

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