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Volkswagen Camper-Vermietung Portugal - Volkswagen Campingbusvermietung Portugal

Camper in Portugal, dein bester Ratgeber für alles, was du wissen musst!


Welcher Ist Der Richtige Siesta Camper Für Mich In Portugal?


Camper Portugal

So you’ve decided a VW  is an ideal choice for your campervan in Portugal. Whether you start your camper hire from Lisbon, Faro or Porto, it is more than likely you’ve been weighing up the pros and cons of either the VW California, the VW Siesta Atlantic campervan or the VW Siesta Beach Campervan. Choosing your campervan in Portugal can be a daunting process. We know you’re not alone in this, so let’s see if we can help with this little guide.

Well, let’s start by saying that all of our Siesta Beach and Atlantic models are built by us and are based on the same engine gearbox configuration; the VW Transporter T6 Blue Motion, with 114 BHP and a 5-speed manual gearbox. We chose this configuration because it gives ample power for a fully laden camper. It drives and accelerates like a modern car, the driving position is comfortable with the gear shift coming out of the dashboard. We also had the VW factory add some cool extras, especially for us, giving more comfortable individual front seats, front and rear parking sensors for a clear representation of obstructions on the full-colour stereo screen and the VW Auxiliary battery.


Der VW Siesta Beach Campervan


Fangen wir mit dem Beach, unserem preiswertesten Camper in Portugal, an:

camper in Portugal - VW Beach

The pop-top roofs on the Beach and the Atlantic are identical. However, the Beach does not have a bed in the upper tent area making it ideal for  2 people. There is also a front hammock option available with both vans for 1 child. This should only be considered for kids up to 9 years old and 1.5m height. The cab areas are identical, so no difference there. The cupboards are aluminium modular units made for us by a top specialist in the UK. There is a small amount of storage space in the back cupboards making it ideal for those travelling light.


The Beach has the same cooker and sinks as the Atlantic and an equal amount of water storage: 50-litre tank. They both feature a pull-out power shower from the rear which is amazing for rinsing off after the beach. The fridge in the Beach is a cooler it doesn’t have a compressor like the Atlantic and California this essentially means it will only keep things cooler than ambient temperature by 20c. It will still keep the beers cool. Just not as ice cool as the Atlantic or California.

surf camper rental portugal


There is a lot less storage area in the Beach but if you’re just living out of your bags for a week, then hey no problem and you do have more space to move inside the camper because of this. There is a big open space under the bed where many people keep luggage or surfboards that can slide through under the bed. You can fit an 8’ board under this bed.

Das Bett

This is what we really want to know about! Well, it’s the same bed but it doesn’t slide on rails like the Atlantic or California.This means it doesn’t slide toward the front of the cab allowing the rear passengers to be closer to the front like in a normal car, which is preferable if you want to keep the kids in check.


Der VW Siesta Atlantic Campervan

Die bequeme Wahl

The Siesta Atlantic campervan is an excellent choice for your campervan in Portugal. It makes excellent use of the space available with plenty of cleverly designed storage. Backlit cupboards make it easy to find things. The construction of the units are solid and feels like a proper well-constructed motorhome, which is what it essentially is. There are LED-lit under worktop lights giving a modern ambience to the space. Big bedding cupboards at the back provide ample space for bedding for a family of four. Please remember though these vans are still not ideal for big hard suitcases. The living area is only 3m by 2.20m so be practical about what you bring. If you’re arriving anywhere from June up until September you will not be needing coats, just a sweatshirt for the cooler nights on the west coast.

Campervan in Portugal

Oberer Bettbereich

The Atlantic has a roof bed in the pop-top area, a great space that the kids will love. The top bed is also suitable for adults. The top bed area pushes up out of the way during the day so you can have a spacious area perfect for cooking. Younger children or babies are maybe better suited to the lower bed or the hammock that goes across the front.

Sparsamer Öko-Kühlschrank

The Atlantic fridge is a Dometic 50L compressor fridge. It is very efficient and doesn’t consume lots of power from the auxiliary battery. If you were to not charge the battery at all on any campsites the fridge would last around 2 days depending on the outside temperature, as this would affect the amount of work the compressor has to do.

campervan in Portugal

Viele drehen den Kühlschrank maximal auf, während sie auf dem Campingplatz an den Strom angeschlossen sind und drehen ihn runter, wenn sie nicht mehr angeschlossen sind. So kann man die Sachen im Kühlschrank viel länger frisch halten, wenn man tagsüber unterwegs ist.


We’ve taken the option this year to fit solar panels to all of our VW Siesta Atlantic models, There’s so much sunshine in Portugal it was the logical thing to do. So whilst you’re on the beach, the battery is getting charged keeping the fridge nicely chilled. Beachfront view with chilled drinks! What more could you ask for?

campervan sunshine in portugal


The sunshade

Blendend heiße Sonne! Cool bleiben, unsere VW Siesta Atlantic Modelle und VW Californias sind mit Qualitätsmarkisen ausgestattet. Die 2,5m lange Markise ist mit einem Griff ganz einfach auszuziehen und sorgt für viel Schatten, in dem du deine Tische und Stühle aufstellen und an heißen Sommertagen chillen kannst.

Der VW California Campervan

Moderner Komfort

For the ultimate luxury campervan experience in Portugal. The VW California is your best choice. The VW California has become an icon of the open road since 1988 and has reached cult-like status with a massive following in Europe.vw t6 california

Wenn du mit dem California auf den Campingplatz fährst, wirst du gleich die bewundernden Blicke aller VW Liebhaber auf dich ziehen. Mit einem Einstiegspreis von €50.000 ist der Bus kein billiges Vergnügen. Von den Vorhängen bis zu den Stühlen wird der VW California komplett im VW Werk in Hannover zusammengebaut. Ein VW durch und durch.

Ein Camper wie ein Schweizer Taschenmesser

Die Forschungs- und Entwicklungsabteilung hat bei diesem Camper ganze Arbeit geleistet. Nicht das kleinste bißchen Platz wurde verschwendet und so ist dies ein Camper wie ein Schweizer Taschenmesser. Der Tisch ist sauber in der Türverkleidung untergebracht, die Liegestühle werden ordentlich in der Hecktür verstaut.


An LCD control panel in the cab area tells you how cold the fridge is, how much charge is left in the battery. How full the waste and the freshwater water tank is. It comes from the factory with a roll-out sunshade. The interior fabrics are finished in a very light fabric and you sense you are sitting in something very modern and spacious. The Interior blinds are concealed behind the trim and can be pulled into position very quickly, making the van cosy at night.

VW t6 california

Leicht gebaut

Wir haben unseren eigenen Namen für diesen Camper in der Werkstatt und nennen ihn „leicht gebaut“. Das bedeutet, daß wir die Einrichtung ein bißchen zu empfindlich finden, die Sachen gehen ziemlich schnell kaputt und die Plastikteile sind sehr teuer. Wenn du denkst, daß deine Kinder vielleicht doch ein bißchen zu wild dafür sind, empfehlen wir den Siesta Atlantic, der ist weitaus robuster und kann einiges aushalten.

Zwei Zusatzbatterien

The VW California comes with a 40L fridge and it keeps it chugging away via 2 auxiliary batteries, this is one more battery than our Atlantic.

campervan in portugal

We order our VW Californias from the factory with parking sensors on the front and rear, these give a clear representation on the Medio stereo. It also has the neat “CAR PLAY” system meaning you can run your apps such as “Google maps”  and “Spotify” on the full-colour stereo screen (no need for GPS TomTom.)


152 PS stark und mit DSG erhältlich

We also order these vans with 150BHP and 6 speed, to give you the full luxurious driving experience. They come with manual or DSG auto, which makes driving this van seamlessly easy to drive and shift gears. The VW DSG is unlike any other auto box in the way that it has already predicted your next gear and is already selected. This makes acceleration silky smooth, couple this with the Cruise control and you can really see why this is the ultimate van if you want to see the whole of Portugal in complete comfort and style.

Die Entscheidung

Does this answer all of your questions? If not and you’re still left bewildered about your choice of a campervan in Portugal, then be sure to drop us a line or catch us on the chat and I’m sure one of our experienced team can help steer you to the ultimate camper choice for that epic road trip in Portugal.