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Why choose Siesta Campers for Portuguese road trips?

There are quite a few camper rental companies to choose from out there. Some good, some bad and some down-right awful. Why choose us? Here’s why we think you will have a great holiday with our VW campervan rental company in Portugal.


Fully equipped vans

Nos vans sont équipés de tout ce que vous avez besoin, avec leur propres réfrigérateurs et 2 plaques de cuissons intégrées. Un van avec une gazinière portative et une glacière n’est pas un vrai camping-car. Nous incluons également tous les extras que les autres compagnies de locations font payer.


Fresh bedding

All of our campervans come with freshly laundered cotton sheets and duvets.


No hidden charges

We offer FREE Faro collection 7 days a week 9am to 6pm. We don’t have any sneaky cleaning fees, service fees, admin fees, Collection fees.


Year-round workshop

We have a fully equipped workshop, with 3 full-time mechanics. We get quite a few emails from upset customers from other rental companies, saying they have been let down by their chosen rental company as the van is broken. Yes, in August, everything closes, so who’s going to fix your van? We don’t take a single day off from the workshop until the season is over. If your van breaks, we will work through the night to fix it! That’s why we’ve not let anyone down in 9 years of business.


Experienced team

Nous avons été l’une des premières compagnies de location à petit budget au Portugal. Chaque année, nous avons le sentiment d’apprendre à propos de entreprise et comment améliorer l’expérience de nos clients. Nous écoutons le retour de nos clients á la fin de leur séjour et nous tenons compte de leurs précieuses suggestions.

Nous avons nous même vécus des années et voyager en van à travers l’Europe et même en Afrique. Nous savons ce qu’il faut pour rendre confortable votre expérience en camping car comme par exemple un vrai réfrigérateur, des draps frais et propres et des installations de cuisine. Nous comprenons et offrons le support nécessaire dont vous et votre famille pourriez avoir besoin pour planifier votre séjour.


Safety first

Our brand new VW camper vans are officially the safest vans on the market and have been voted international van of the year 2016. They are also one of the most expensive vans out there to buy. However, if we wouldn’t feel safe with our kids in it, why would we rent it to you?

We are the only rental company in Portugal to offer vans with twin airbags and side safety constraint.

With safety in mind, Our rear passenger seats have been crash-tested and have a safety certificate.


Economical vehicles

Our new VW’s are incredibly economical. They are the most economical small van on the market. They consume 6l of fuel to every 100km of driving. They feature blue motion engines with stop-start technology. Many of our clients have a great holiday on 1 tank of fuel or less, that’s from €50 to €90.

Nous sommes reconnus par les autorités de transport portugaises, nous aimons jouer selon les règles.


As you can tell by the above, unlike some other outfits that operate in the area, we don’t take shortcuts with your convenience or safety. Our highest standards and experience in providing fault-free holiday van rental services has lead us to become a leading provider for campervan hire in Portugal and our range of classic and new Volkswagen campers has helped us remain one of the most loved teams in Europe.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or suggestions for future blog posts.