What’s Included

Our campers have got it All !.

The Kitchen :

A 2 ring SMEV italian hob with  gas tank or bottles. This is a fitted cooker inside the van, not a budget cooker to be used outside like other rental companies.

A sink and electrical drawn water tap with full water tank.

A compressor fridge, this is a proper fridge and not a 12v coolbox (powered from a leisure battery to be charged either on campsites with main hook up or from a long drive )

Saucepans x2 plus Frying pan

Drainer. Kettle.

Coffee expresso pot.

Salad bowl.

Full cutlery set and chopping knives.

Bottle and can opener.

Chopping board.

Glasses and cups. ( Life’s too short to drink wine from a plastic beaker )

Ceramic plates and bowls ( …or chasing your food around on a fly away plastic plate ! )

Cheese grater

A tea towel.

Large bowl for washing.

Washing up sponge.

The Camp:

A fold away aluminium table.

2 chairs.

A sunshade that clips onto the side of the camper t2’s only (in summer )

Mains extension lead.


Washing line with clothes pegs.

The Bedroom:


2 pillows,sheet and double duvet set in cotton.

Extra blanket .

We provide bedding for a family of four. For a fifth family member we rent a bunk bed that goes across the front of the cab area and bedding for €30.

For the drive:

Map and guide books.

Information folder with campsite info and other activities leaflets.

We Include a motorway toll reader for paying motorways. There is a €15 activation fee per rental when you use the motorway. You may use the national roads free of charge in Portugal.

The campervan’s “Captains Log ” which is a very entertaining diary/compilation of past campers tales ,top tips and doodles . Please add your adventures to the the vans long and colourful history !

Our more modern T5 , T6 campervans can travel anywhere in Portugal and out of Portugal with prior consent. You can also collect in Lisbon for free.

Our Classic vans can only travel within the Algarve. Please see why below.

We do not offer Lisbon collect with our classic campers.

Our T2 Kombi campervans are classic vans. They are up to 41 years old, and whilst being impeccably maintained we cannot forsee every problem that may arise. Portugal does not have a reliable efficient road side rescue service equipped with parts to resolve any problem. We, at Siesta Campers are your breakdown assistance. We have a team of professional VW aircooled mechanics with years of experience, available 24hrs a day. We stock all parts and are on call to speedily resolve any problems. We normally resolve any problems within a few hours depending on where you are . If the van is not repairable at the side of the road we will either provide you with a replacement van or help you find suitable alternative overnight accommodation whilst we work through the night to get your camper rolling again. Keeping you within the Algarve region means that we will be with you within hours so that you do not waste your precious holiday waiting by the roadside. These campers were made in the 70’s when life trundled along at a slower pace. We believe a holiday in a classic VW allows you to experience life at a more relaxed pace. Driving up to Porto and back in a week would not be a very comfortable, leisurely or chilled holiday. These vans are not designed for cruising 1000’s of kilometres on motorways at top speeds, particularly in the summer months in temperatures of 40 + . This kind of holiday better suits one of our newer VW T5 campervans .We believe our classic vans  gives you the rare opportunity to take a break from our increasingly  fast daily lives..

We recommend you take time to read our terms and conditions.

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