Our policy during these troubled times
COVID -19  has plunged the world and society into a global crisis of unprecedented proportions, affecting both communities and individuals. Everyone’s well-being and safety is threatened.  As a small and independent business, we are striving to rise to the challenge in a way that puts compassion and communal responsibility foremost. The safety and well being of our small team is paramount and we are putting their safety before any business interests. At present they are following guidelines and remain at home.
We are strongly advising to adhere to all government and WHO advice at the present moment. Now is not a time to travel, but a time to stay home, to help those around you and to stay positive, holding onto dreams of better times. We are all eagerly awaiting developments to show light at the end of the tunnel, which will come, but for now, more patience is required and until then we are not accepting new bookings for April. We will be updating this as the situation progresses
In order to adapt to the new reality, we have revised our cancellation policy to offer more flexibility and security. For those with existing bookings, we fully understand that your holiday plans could now be somewhat misaligned to your original intentions. We want to reassure you of our intention to work with you to ensure that your camping adventure in Portugal can happen in a positive and fully supported way, at a time that feels right and is completely free from any risks.
We are a small, family-run business with a dedicated team and in order to preserve the experience we have spent years creating for all our future clients, we are currently offering all clients a voucher for the full deposit paid, to transfer to a new booking, we would like to offer further security in the form that there is no limit on when this must be used.
We are sure that your planned VW Camper experience can be enjoyed in the future, just as you originally intended.
 Now is not the time to discuss cleaning procedures but you can rest assured that with our obsessive attention to detail,  our pride in our campers and our dedicated customer support team we will be integrating new safety measures and policies when the time is right, to ensure both the safety of our clients and staff.
We are very appreciative of all the messages of support we are receiving in response to this and are heartened to see how this compassionate and positive approach from our great community of friends and followers out there throws a lifeline to the future on the other side of this terrible experience.
Should you have any further doubts, please feel welcome to contact us and let us know how we can support you.
Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time,
Team Siesta