Our policy during these troubled times

Camping after Corona:

As we brush ourselves down and take our first tentative steps out into the big wide world again, we need to be sure we are in good hands .We want to share with you both the extra precautions we are taking to ensure your safety and also to inspire you with the freedom and connectivity taking a road trip can bring.

 It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, bouncing us along on a journey from anxiety to inner discovery. A time of reconnecting with our families, our loved ones and reassessing life’s values. The suspension of our normal routines has gifted many with the realisation that we don’t need to collect things to be happy, but we do need to seek meaningful interactions and experiences. Now, after the months of screen gazing and scanning statistics, it’s time to reflect and to broaden our horizons. It’s time to seek in the stars, elevate our minds on expansive mountain tops, bathe in the seas pure blues and reconnect with nature. It’s time to heal ourselves.  A road trip can gently move your mind,  give you a  sense of safety and peaceful distance as you nurture your soul, dreams and gain a new perspective on life.


New measures to guarantee your safety:


Our team at Siesta have always prided ourselves with cleanliness and attention to details.

We designed our campers with top quality materials that are practical and easy to keep clean.

More than ever this is of vital importance and rest assured we have stepped up our hygiene and cleaning process with vigorous precision.


It is important for everyone to stay vigilant, respect the personal space of our staff and hygiene procedures, wear masks and keep distance at all times. Our bases are equipped with foot pump hand sanitizers and our staff have daily infrared thermometer checks.


 Our campers undergo a 2 stage sanitizing and cleaning process:

  1.  Deep clean. On return, campers are thoroughly sprayed with certified disinfectant products. Staff will wear full protective gear, disposable suits, gloves and masks. 
  2. The general cleaning includes 40ºc hot water antibacterial upholstery hoovering.
  3. Special attention is focused, in both stages, on areas frequently touched : light switches, worktop surfaces, dashboard, door handles. Steering wheel. gearstick.
  4. All bedding is cleaned by laundry specialists at 60ºc.


We will be offering full support before your arrival via email or phone. At this point, we will arrange all necessary administration tasks in advance of your arrival, resolve any questions you may have and speed up the handover process and minimize contact.

Cancellation Policy Support


We have adapted our cancellation policy in order to give full support during these uncertain times:

  • You can change any booking at any point up until 24 hours before your arrival date
  • The full credit already paid when you booked can be used as a voucher towards any future booking.
  • We are a small family business dedicated to providing quality experiences and  memories. From these core values we act with a compassionate response to all situations.


We offer you the adventure of a lifetime. It’s time to slow down and enjoy the journey. To learn how to appreciate where you are, who you’re with and where you’re going.

You may even find yourself.