Why choose Siesta Campers ?


There’s quite a few camper companies to choose from out there. Why choose us? Here’s why we think you will have a great holiday with a Siesta Van.

Our vans are fully equipped with everything you need, with proper fridges and 2 ring cookers with hob. A van with a portable gas stove and a cheap 12v coolbox isn’t really a campervan. We also include all the extras other camper hire companies charge for.

Our vans come with freshly laundered cotton sheets and duvets.

No hidden charges. We offer FREE Faro collection 7 days a week 9am to 6pm. We don’t have any sneaky cleaning fees, service fees, admin fees, Collection fees.

We have a fully equipped workshop, with 3 full time mechanics. We get a lot of emails from upset customers from other rental companies saying they have been let down by their chosen rental company as the van is broken. Yes ,in August ,everything shuts so who’s going to fix your van ? We don’t take a single day off from the workshop until the season is over. If your van breaks we will work through the night to fix it ! That’s why we’ve not let anyone down in 9 years of business.

We were one of the first budget rental companies in Portugal. Every year we feel we learn something new about our business and how to make our customers experience a little bit better. We listen to our customers at the end of their holiday and we take on board their valued suggestions.

We have lived in campers for years and travelled all over Europe and even through Africa. We know what is needed to make a comfortable camping experience, like proper fridges, fresh bedding and cooking facilities. We also understand and offer the support you and your family may need in planning your adventure.

Our brand new VW  Vans are officially the safest vans on the market and have been voted international van of the year 2016. They are also one of the most expensive vans out there to buy . However , if  we wouldn’t feel safe with our kids in it, why would we rent it to you?

We are the only rental company in Portugal to offer vans with twin airbags and side safety constraint.

With safety in mind ,Our rear passenger seats have been crash tested and have a safety certificate.

Our new VW’s are incredibly economical. they are the most economical small van on the market .They consume 6l of fuel to every 100km of driving. They feature blue motion engines with stop start technology. Many of our clients have a great holiday on 1 tank of fuel or less, thats from €50 to €90.

We are fully Licensed with the Portuguese transport authority. We like to play by the rules.